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Healthcare Fraud: Recent FBI Cases

Discover recent FBI cases on healthcare fraud, including Medicare fraud, kickbacks, prescription drug fraud, home health care fraud, billing fraud, identity theft, and complex medical billing fraud. Explore investigations, prosecutions, penalties, and the impact on healthcare programs and taxpayers.

COVID-19 Unemployment Relief Funds Laundering: FBI Press Releases

Discover the shocking truth behind COVID-19 unemployment relief funds laundering in Atlanta. Read the FBI's press releases exposing various criminal activities and their consequences. Learn about the impact of COVID-19 on unemployment, the connection between funds laundering and the pandemic, and the legal framework surrounding these crimes. Stay informed and stay vigilant.

FBI Sentences in Atlanta Criminal Activities

The FBI reveals sentences for Atlanta criminal activities, involving narcotics, firearms charges, fraud, money laundering, assault on officers, and Capitol breach. Prison terms span from years to decades, along with fines and restitution. Cases include drug trafficking, financial fraud, and child exploitation.