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23 gang members and associates indicted on racketeering charges

Discover the shocking indictment of 23 gang members and associates, including charges of racketeering, drug trafficking, and violence. Learn how this violent group operated both inside and outside prisons in Georgia, using contraband cellphones. Find out how collaborative law enforcement efforts resulted in this significant investigation. Hold these criminals accountable for their actions and dismantle their dangerous organization. Read more now.

Drug Traffickers Sentenced for Smuggling Cocaine Hidden in Butter

Discover how drug traffickers were sentenced for smuggling cocaine hidden in butter. Learn about the collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies in preventing these dangerous drugs from reaching our communities. Understand the impact of drug trafficking on society and the importance of disrupting these criminal organizations. Read more about the successful investigation and prosecution of these criminals, and the role of Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces (OCDETF) in combatting drug trafficking. Protect your community and stay informed.

Escaped Bibb County Federal Inmate Captured

Escaped Bibb County Federal Inmate Captured! FBI, Bibb County Sheriff's Office, and Richmond County Sheriff's Office successfully apprehended Johnifer Dernard Barnwell. Large drug discovery made. One inmate, Joey Fournier, still at large. Contact FBI or USMS with information.