Burleson Man Charged With Possessing Destructive Device

Stay informed about a recent case in which a Burleson man is charged with possessing a destructive device. Learn about the potential for tragedy and the importance of reporting concerning behavior to authorities.

In a recent press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Texas, it was announced that a Burleson man has been charged with possessing a destructive device. The man, identified as Noah Robert Calderon, allegedly idolized the shooters of the infamous Columbine High School massacre and was found to possess a homemade bomb. U.S. Attorney Leigha Simonton emphasized the potential for mass tragedy, stating that Calderon had progressed from ideation to planning and preparation. The FBI, working in collaboration with local law enforcement, swiftly moved to ensure public safety and apprehend the suspect. This article highlights the importance of remaining vigilant and reporting any concerning behavior to authorities.

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Charges and Initial Appearance

Noah Robert Calderon charged with possession of destructive device

Noah Robert Calderon, a 22-year-old man from Burleson, Texas, has been charged with possession of a destructive device. The charges were filed against him on April 18, and he was indicted on May 10. Calderon made his initial appearance before U.S. Magistrate Judge Jeffrey L. Cureton on May 15, 2023.

Indicators of Violence

Defendant exhibited indicators of potential violence

During the investigation, it was found that Calderon exhibited several indicators of potential violence. These indicators include his fascination with mass shooters, an obsession with weapons, and his hatred towards a protected class. This combination of concerning behavior is alarming and raises concerns about the potential for violence.

Fascination with mass shooters

Calderon’s fascination with mass shooters, particularly the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School, is deeply troubling. Through his social media accounts, he displayed a disturbing admiration for these individuals, which is indicative of a dangerous mindset.

Obsession with weapons

Another alarming indicator is Calderon’s obsession with weapons. He frequently posted images of himself posing with AR-15-style rifles and handguns, wearing tactical-style vests. This level of obsession with firearms is a clear red flag and should not be overlooked.

Hatred towards a protected class

Calderon’s expression of hatred towards a protected class further adds to the indicators of potential violence. Such sentiments can fuel extremist ideologies and motivate individuals to carry out harmful acts. It is crucial to address and address this hatred to prevent any harm to others.

Prevention of Tragedy

Arrest of Calderon may have averted mass tragedy

By apprehending Calderon and charging him with possession of a destructive device, law enforcement agencies may have successfully averted a potential mass tragedy. Calderon’s planning and preparation, coupled with his alarming obsession with mass shootings, presented a significant threat to public safety.

Gratitude to tipster who alerted law enforcement

Law enforcement is particularly grateful to the tipster who alerted them to Calderon’s concerning social media posts. It is because of their vigilance and willingness to report worrisome behavior that authorities were able to take swift action and prevent possible harm to others.

Encouragement to report worrisome behavior to law enforcement

This case serves as a reminder of the importance of reporting any worrisome behavior or concerning posts on social media to law enforcement. The public plays a critical role in identifying potential threats, and their prompt reporting can make a significant difference in preventing tragedies.

FBI’s Efforts to Protect the Public

FBI’s top priority is to protect communities from violence

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is committed to protecting communities from acts of violence. Keeping the public safe and ensuring their security is the agency’s top priority. In cases like Calderon’s, where there are indicators of potential violence, the FBI takes swift action to mitigate the risk and prevent harm.

FBI moved quickly to ensure no one was harmed

Upon receiving information about Calderon’s alarming online activities and the tip about a homemade bomb, the FBI acted swiftly to ensure no one was harmed. Their prompt response and thorough investigation demonstrate their dedication to public safety.

Request for public vigilance and reporting of suspicious behavior

In light of recent events, law enforcement agencies are urging the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious behavior or concerning posts on social media. Increased awareness and reporting can help prevent potential acts of violence and protect the American public.

SnapChat Images and Social Media Activity

FBI alerted to SnapChat images allegedly posted by Calderon in October 2022

The FBI was alerted to SnapChat images allegedly posted by Calderon in October 2022. These images raised concerns due to their content and further prompted a deeper investigation into Calderon’s activities.

Posts included images of homemade explosives and references to the Nazi paramilitary organization

Calderon’s SnapChat posts included images of homemade explosives and references to the notorious Nazi paramilitary organization, the SS. Such posts demonstrate Calderon’s dangerous fascination with explosives and extremist ideologies.

Calderon embraced white supremacist ideology and fascination with mass shootings

Through his social media accounts, Calderon openly embraced white supremacist ideology and displayed a troubling fascination with high-profile mass shootings. This combination of extremist beliefs and interest in violent acts raises significant concerns about his potential for harm.

Tip About Homemade Bomb

Tip received that Calderon had detonated a homemade bomb in a residential neighborhood

Law enforcement received a tip alleging that Calderon had detonated a homemade bomb in a residential neighborhood. This tip, along with corroborating evidence such as 911 calls reporting a loud concussive sound and smoke, reinforced the concerns about Calderon’s potential as a threat.

Online Searches and E-commerce Activity

Review of Calderon’s Google account revealed searches related to mass shootings and bomb-making

During the investigation, law enforcement reviewed Calderon’s Google account and discovered searches related to mass shootings and bomb-making. These searches underscore Calderon’s intent to acquire knowledge about violent acts and potential harm to others.

Searches of names of several local public schools

In addition to searches related to mass shootings and bomb-making, Calderon also searched the names of several local public schools. This type of specific and targeted search raises concerns about a potential threat to these educational institutions.

E-commerce activity showed purchase of explosive materials

Law enforcement also identified e-commerce activity showing that Calderon had purchased explosive materials online. The materials purchased, including potassium perchlorate, aluminum powder, and a striped fuse, further confirmed the potential danger Calderon posed.

Federal Search Warrant and Recovered Items

Federal search warrant executed at Calderon’s home on April 17

On April 17, 2023, law enforcement executed a federal search warrant at Calderon’s residence in Burleson, Texas. This warrant allowed them to thoroughly search the premises and gather evidence related to the case.

Brown shoe box containing items to make a bomb found in the garage

During the search, law enforcement discovered a brown shoe box in the garage that contained items indicative of bomb-making. These items included materials and components that, when combined, could create a destructive device.

White plastic container with explosive powder recovered

In addition to the shoe box, a white plastic container containing 659.2 grams of explosive powder was recovered. The presence of such a substantial amount of explosive material further confirmed the seriousness of Calderon’s intent.

Handwritten document labeled ‘Manifesto’ glorifying the Columbine shooters and espousing white supremacy found in Calderon’s room

Law enforcement also found a handwritten document labeled as a ‘Manifesto’ in Calderon’s room. This document glorified the perpetrators of the Columbine High School massacre and espoused white supremacist ideologies. Its contents provided further insight into Calderon’s dangerous mindset.

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Presumption of Innocence

Indictments and criminal complaints are allegations, not evidence

It is important to note that indictments and criminal complaints are merely allegations of criminal conduct and not evidence of guilt. These legal documents initiate the legal process but do not serve as proof of Calderon’s guilt.

Calderon presumed innocent until proven guilty in court

In accordance with the principles of the judicial system, Noah Robert Calderon is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. It is the responsibility of the prosecution to present evidence that establishes guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Potential sentence if convicted

If convicted of the charge of possession of a destructive device, Calderon faces up to 10 years in federal prison. The potential sentence reflects the severity of the offense and serves as a deterrent against similar acts of violence.

Contact Information

Contact NDTX Public Affairs Officer Erin Dooley for more information

For more information about the case or any related inquiries, please contact NDTX Public Affairs Officer Erin Dooley. She can be reached at 214-659-8707 or erin.dooley@usdoj.gov.

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