FBI Portland Seeking Additional Victims after Woman Escaped Makeshift Cell in Klamath Falls, Oregon

FBI Portland seeks victims after woman escapes makeshift cell in Klamath Falls. Alleged perpetrator in custody for interstate kidnapping. Help needed!

The FBI’s Portland Field Office is seeking additional victims following a harrowing escape by a woman who was held captive in a makeshift cell in Klamath Falls, Oregon. The alleged perpetrator, Negasi Zuberi, also known as “Sakima,” “Justin Hyche,” and “Justin Kouassi,” is already in federal custody for interstate kidnapping. After posing as an undercover police officer, Zuberi abducted and sexually assaulted a prostitute, transporting her from Seattle to his home in Klamath Falls. The victim managed to break free from the cinderblock cell in Zuberi’s garage and seek help from a passing motorist. Further investigation has linked Zuberi to more violent sexual assaults across several states, making it crucial for potential victims to come forward.

FBI Portland Seeking Additional Victims after Woman Escaped Makeshift Cell in Klamath Falls, Oregon

The FBI’s Portland Field Office is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying potential victims of a violent sex assault offender who has allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted multiple women. The suspect, identified as Negasi Zuberi, is currently in federal custody for interstate kidnapping after a woman escaped from his home in Klamath Falls, Oregon. The victim reported being locked in a makeshift cell and sexually assaulted by Zuberi. This article will provide details about the incident, suspect information, the victim’s account, the discovery of the makeshift cell, the arrest and investigation, the link to additional sexual assaults, the suspect’s history and methods, how to report information, acknowledgments, and a disclaimer.

The Incident

On July 15, 2023, Negasi Zuberi solicited the services of a prostitute in Seattle, Washington. Posed as an undercover police officer, he proceeded to kidnap the victim, sexually assault her throughout the journey, and transported her to his residence in Klamath Falls, Oregon. In a shocking turn of events, Zuberi locked the victim in a specially constructed makeshift cell in his garage, made of cinder blocks with a metal door installed in reverse. Fortunately, the victim was able to escape the cell by breaking down the door, flagging down a passing motorist, and alerting the authorities.

Suspect Information

The suspect, Negasi Zuberi, also known by the aliases “Sakima,” “Justin Hyche,” and “Justin Kouassi,” is 29 years old and currently resides in Klamath Falls, Oregon. However, Zuberi has lived in at least 10 different states in the past 10 years, making it imperative for law enforcement to identify any potential additional victims in these areas. The FBI has reason to believe that Zuberi may have used different aliases and methods to gain control over his victims, including drugging their drinks and impersonating a police officer. Victims are often threatened with retaliation if they approach the police.

Victim’s Account

The victim, who managed to escape from Zuberi’s makeshift cell, provided a harrowing account of her ordeal. She reported being kidnapped, chained, and sexually assaulted by Zuberi. After being transported to his residence in Klamath Falls, Oregon, she was imprisoned in the makeshift cell and subjected to continued abuse. Through sheer determination and resourcefulness, the victim managed to break free from the cell, sustaining injuries in the process. Her courage and quick thinking played a crucial role in alerting the authorities and potentially saving other victims from suffering a similar fate.

Discovery of Makeshift Cell

The Klamath Falls Police Department obtained a search warrant for Zuberi’s residence following the victim’s escape. Inside, they discovered the makeshift cell described by the victim, which consisted of cinder blocks and a metal door installed in reverse to prevent anyone from opening it from the inside. The discovery of the cell further substantiated the victim’s account and provided crucial evidence in building the case against Zuberi.

Arrest and Investigation

Zuberi fled Klamath Falls, but was eventually apprehended in Reno, Nevada, after a brief standoff with local police. Law enforcement agencies from multiple states, including the FBI’s Portland Field Office, collaborated in the investigation and played a crucial role in locating and apprehending the suspect. The coordinated efforts of these agencies highlight the dedication and commitment of law enforcement in protecting the community and bringing offenders to justice.

Link to Additional Sexual Assaults

Based on the extensive investigations carried out by the FBI, it is suspected that Zuberi may have committed additional violent sexual assaults in other states where he has resided. The FBI has identified ten states where Zuberi has lived over the past decade, namely California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Utah, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Alabama, and Nevada. The agency urges potential victims to come forward, emphasizing that their information is vital in building a strong case against the suspect and ensuring the safety of the community. The FBI is particularly interested in gathering any details about Zuberi’s methods and the threats he used to control his victims.

Suspect’s History and Methods

Zuberi’s transient lifestyle, moving between numerous states, has raised concerns regarding the possibility of more victims. The suspect’s history paints a disturbing pattern of alleged criminal behavior. Along with his multiple aliases, Zuberi may have employed various methods to target and manipulate his victims. Reports indicate that he may have drugged victims’ drinks or impersonated a police officer to gain their trust and control. The threats used to intimidate victims and dissuade them from seeking help further compound the danger posed by Zuberi.

How to Report Information

The FBI encourages victims or anyone with information related to Zuberi’s crimes to come forward and report their experiences. Victims who wish to seek help or provide information can visit fbi.gov/ZuberiVictims or call 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324). It is essential for victims to know that their information will be handled with utmost confidentiality and sensitivity. Additionally, individuals can contact the FBI Portland Field Office at (503) 224-4181, their local FBI office, the nearest American Embassy or Consulate, or submit a tip online at tips.fbi.gov. By reporting relevant information, victims and witnesses play a critical role in assisting law enforcement in their ongoing efforts to bring Zuberi to justice and protect potential future victims.


The FBI would like to express its gratitude to the United States Attorney’s Office – District of Oregon, Klamath Falls Police Department, Oregon Department of Justice, Oregon State Police, Reno Police Department, Nevada State Police, and the FBI Las Vegas Field Office, Reno Resident Agency for their unwavering support and collaboration in this investigation. The collective efforts of these agencies have been indispensable in achieving this significant breakthrough in the case, and their commitment to public safety is commendable.


It is essential to remember that a criminal complaint is only an accusation of a crime, and a defendant is presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law. The information provided in this article is based on the available evidence and official reports at the time of writing. The FBI’s investigation is ongoing, and it is crucial for the public to respect the presumption of innocence while being vigilant and cooperative in reporting any relevant information to aid in the probe.