Federal Indictment Charges 23 Members of MS-13 Gang with Methamphetamine Trafficking

Federal indictment charges 23 members of MS-13 gang with methamphetamine trafficking. Indictment details, arrests, seized evidence, and gang's association and methods revealed. Learn more.

A federal grand jury has recently handed down an indictment charging 23 members and associates of the notorious MS-13 gang with engaging in widespread methamphetamine trafficking. This indictment alleges that the gang, known for its violent activities, trafficked pound quantities of methamphetamine and illegally possessed ammunition, which was discovered in a “ghost gun.” While 17 defendants have already been apprehended, authorities are actively pursuing the remaining two individuals named in the indictment. During the course of the investigation, law enforcement seized multiple pounds of suspected methamphetamine, fentanyl, cocaine, nine firearms, and approximately $94,000 in cash. As one of the largest and most violent gangs spanning North America, MS-13 primarily funds its illicit operations through drug trafficking. With numerous members in at least 10 states and various Central American countries, the gang is closely associated with the Mexican Mafia. According to the indictment, an imprisoned MS-13 member orchestrated the gang’s drug trafficking activities in Los Angeles, where violence and intimidation were commonly employed to control narcotics trade within their territories.

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Indictment Details

A federal grand jury has indicted 23 members and associates of the MS-13 gang on charges of widespread methamphetamine trafficking. The indictment alleges that the gang trafficked pound quantities of methamphetamine and illegally possessed ammunition found in a “ghost gun.”

Arrests and Ongoing Search

Out of the 23 individuals indicted, 17 defendants have been arrested so far. However, authorities continue to search for the remaining two individuals named in the indictment. Law enforcement agencies are working diligently to track down these individuals and ensure they are brought to justice.

Seized Evidence

During the course of their investigation, law enforcement seized a significant amount of evidence related to the gang’s illegal activities. Multiple pounds of suspected methamphetamine were confiscated, along with fentanyl and cocaine. Additionally, nine firearms were seized, indicating the gang’s propensity for violence and their potential threat to public safety. The authorities also recovered approximately $94,000 in cash, which further demonstrates the lucrative nature of their criminal enterprise.

MS-13 Gang

MS-13 is one of the largest and most violent gangs in North America. With tens of thousands of members in at least 10 states and several Central American countries, the gang poses a serious threat to communities. Drug trafficking is the primary method they use to finance their activities, making them a major player in the illicit drug trade.

Drug Trafficking as Primary Financing Method

The indictment against the MS-13 gang members and associates highlights their involvement in methamphetamine trafficking. This lucrative criminal enterprise allows them to generate substantial profits while fueling the drug epidemic plaguing our society. By controlling the production, distribution, and sale of methamphetamine, MS-13 members are able to fund their organization and sustain their criminal endeavors.

Association with Mexican Mafia

MS-13 has strong ties to the Mexican Mafia, a powerful and influential criminal organization. The association between the two groups further enhances the gang’s reach and resources. Through this partnership, MS-13 gains access to a broader network of criminal connections, facilitating their drug trafficking operations and increasing their criminal influence.

Membership and Reach

With its extensive membership, MS-13 has established a presence in various states across the United States and several countries in Central America. This broad reach allows the gang to expand their drug trafficking operations and exert control over wider territories. By infiltrating communities and establishing local networks, MS-13 members create a stronghold that perpetuates their criminal activities.

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Control of Drug Trafficking

According to the indictment, an imprisoned MS-13 member allegedly controlled the gang’s drug trafficking activities in Los Angeles. This individual’s influence and authority within the gang enabled them to oversee and coordinate the distribution of drugs within the city. This centralized control allowed MS-13 to establish a monopoly over the drug trade, ensuring their dominance and profitability in this illicit market.

Tactics Used

MS-13’s control over narcotics trafficking is enforced through the use of violence and intimidation. Members engage in acts of brutality, targeting rivals and defectors to maintain their dominance and eliminate potential threats. This atmosphere of fear and coercion allows MS-13 to establish and control narcotics trafficking territories effectively. These territories become key sources of revenue for the gang, as narcotics sales continue to be their primary source of income.

In conclusion, the federal indictment of 23 members and associates of the MS-13 gang for charges related to methamphetamine trafficking sheds light on the ongoing battle against organized crime and the illicit drug trade. The authorities’ relentless efforts to arrest those involved in this criminal enterprise demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding communities and disrupting the operations of dangerous gangs like MS-13. By bringing these individuals to justice and seizing significant amounts of drugs, cash, and firearms, law enforcement agencies are taking major steps towards dismantling MS-13’s drug trafficking network. However, the ongoing search for two remaining individuals indicates that the fight against MS-13 is far from over. It is crucial for law enforcement agencies to continue their collaboration and deploy all available resources to eradicate the influence of this notorious gang and protect our communities from their destructive activities.

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