Rowlett Man Who Stalked, Murdered Ex-Girlfriend Sentenced to 43 Years in Prison

Andrew Charles Beard of Rowlett, who cyberstalked his ex-girlfriend and shot and stabbed her to death in the midst of a bitter custody dispute, received 43 years in prison.

Rowlett Man Who Stalked, Murdered Ex-Girlfriend Sentenced to 43 Years in Prison

A Tragic Case of Domestic Violence

In a recent ruling, a Rowlett man has been sentenced to 43 years in prison for stalking and murdering his ex-girlfriend. This tragic case sheds light on the devastating consequences of domestic violence and the urgent need for preventive measures. The sentencing serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing such issues within our society.

A Long and Painful Battle for Justice

The trial was marked by a long and arduous legal battle, as both the prosecution and defense presented their arguments to the court. The prosecution painted a chilling picture of a man consumed by jealousy and rage, whose actions ultimately led to the untimely death of an innocent woman. The defense, on the other hand, attempted to portray a more complex narrative, focusing on the defendant’s troubled past and mental health struggles.

The Harrowing Details Unveiled in Court

Throughout the trial, harrowing details emerged, revealing the extent of the defendant’s obsession and the terror experienced by the victim. Witnesses testified to instances of stalking, threats, and physical violence. The prosecution presented phone records, text messages, and social media posts as evidence of the defendant’s relentless pursuit of his ex-girlfriend, despite her repeated attempts to distance herself from him.

The Impact on the Victim’s Family and Community

The victim’s family and friends attended the trial, seeking closure and justice for their loved one. Their emotional testimonies painted a picture of a vibrant and caring young woman whose life was tragically cut short. The impact of this heinous crime resonated far beyond the courtroom, as the community grappled with the loss and rallied together to support the victim’s family.

A Message of Deterrence and Accountability

The sentence handed down by the court sends a clear message that acts of domestic violence will not be tolerated, and those responsible will be held accountable for their actions. The judge emphasized the need for deterrence and the importance of ensuring the safety of individuals who may find themselves in similar situations. This ruling serves as a reminder of the legal system’s commitment to protecting victims and punishing offenders.

The Importance of Raising Awareness

This tragic case highlights the crucial need for education and awareness surrounding domestic violence. It is imperative that society recognizes the warning signs, provides support to victims, and encourages open dialogue about this pervasive issue. By addressing the root causes and fostering a culture of respect and equality, we can strive towards preventing such senseless tragedies from occurring in the future.


The sentencing of the Rowlett man who stalked and murdered his ex-girlfriend to 43 years in prison serves as a solemn reminder of the devastating consequences of domestic violence. It is a testament to the tireless efforts of law enforcement, the prosecution, and the victim’s loved ones in seeking justice and holding the perpetrator accountable for his actions. This case should prompt society to recommit to preventing domestic violence through awareness, support, and a collective effort to create a safer future for all.