Suburban Chicago Chiropractor Charged with Fraudulently Billing for Nonexistent Services

Seung Han Lima, a suburban Chicago chiropractor, has been indicted on federal fraud charges for allegedly billing a private insurer for nonexistent services.

Suburban Chicago Chiropractor Charged with Fraudulently Billing for Nonexistent Services

Chicago, IL – In a recent development, a suburban Chicago chiropractor has been charged with fraudulently billing for nonexistent services. The alleged scheme, which involved submitting false claims to insurance companies, has raised concerns about the integrity of the healthcare system and the need for stricter oversight.

Investigation Reveals Fraudulent Billing Practices

An extensive investigation conducted by law enforcement agencies uncovered evidence suggesting that the chiropractor, whose identity is being withheld pending further legal proceedings, engaged in a systematic scheme to defraud insurance companies. It is alleged that the chiropractor billed for services that were either never performed or were medically unnecessary.

Authorities became suspicious after insurance companies reported an unusually high number of claims from the chiropractor’s practice. This prompted an in-depth examination of the billing records, which ultimately exposed a pattern of fraudulent activity.

Impact on Patients and the Healthcare System

The fraudulent billing practices of healthcare providers not only undermine the trust between patients and their doctors but also have wider implications for the healthcare system as a whole. When providers engage in fraudulent activities, it drives up healthcare costs, increases insurance premiums, and diverts resources away from those in genuine need of care.

Patient well-being is another significant concern. When services are billed fraudulently, patients may unknowingly receive unnecessary treatments or medications, potentially putting their health at risk. This case serves as a stark reminder of the importance of thorough investigations and oversight to protect patients and ensure accountability within the healthcare industry.

Legal Consequences and Industry Response

If found guilty, the chiropractor in question could face significant legal consequences, including fines and potential imprisonment. In addition to the criminal charges, the chiropractor may also face civil actions from insurance companies seeking restitution for the fraudulent claims.

The case has prompted discussions within the healthcare industry about the need for enhanced oversight and monitoring to prevent and detect fraudulent billing practices. This incident underscores the importance of ongoing efforts to strengthen regulations and ensure the highest standards of integrity across all healthcare professions.


The charges against the suburban Chicago chiropractor accused of fraudulently billing for nonexistent services highlight the potential risks patients face and the broader impact on the healthcare system. This case serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining strict oversight and the need for ongoing efforts to combat fraudulent activities within the healthcare industry.

Source: FBI Chicago Field Office