FBI Seeking Information From a Bank Robbery in Hallandale Beach

The FBI is seeking information on a bank robbery in Hallandale Beach. Learn about the incident, FBI involvement, and how to assist in the investigation.

The FBI is seeking information regarding a bank robbery that occurred at a Wells Fargo Bank branch in Hallandale Beach, Florida. The robbery took place on June 15, 2023, at approximately 10:26 a.m. The suspect entered the bank and demanded money from an employee, but fortunately, no injuries were reported. The FBI issues this press release to ensure public safety and to request assistance or information from the public. Photos related to the robbery will be shared on the FBI Miami Twitter account, and individuals with any information are encouraged to contact (754)703-2000.


In recent news, a bank robbery took place in Hallandale Beach, Florida, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is seeking assistance from the public to aid in their investigation. This comprehensive article will provide an overview of the bank robbery, including details about the date, time, location, and description of the robber. Moreover, it will delve into the FBI’s involvement and their subsequent investigation. Additionally, the article will discuss the FBI’s request for public assistance, providing contact information for individuals who may have any relevant information. Lastly, it will touch upon the FBI’s Most Wanted list and its connection to the bank robbery, as well as provide additional resources for those seeking more information.

About the Bank Robbery

Date and Time of the Robbery

The bank robbery occurred on June 15, 2023, at approximately 10:26 a.m. At this time, an unidentified individual entered the Wells Fargo Bank branch located at 1201 E. Hallandale Beach, Florida.

Location of the Robbery

This bank robbery took place at the Wells Fargo Bank branch situated at 1201 E. Hallandale Beach, Florida. The specific location provides a crucial detail for individuals who may have witnessed any suspicious activity in the area.

Description of the Robber

The robber, whose identity remains unknown, demanded money from a bank employee upon entering the Wells Fargo Bank branch. While the specific appearance details have not been disclosed, any information provided by eyewitnesses may aid in identifying the suspect.

Amount of Money Taken

At this time, the FBI has not released information regarding the amount of money stolen during the bank robbery. However, this detail may be disclosed later in the investigation.

FBI Involvement

In response to the bank robbery in Hallandale Beach, Florida, the FBI has become actively involved in the case. As a federal law enforcement agency, their primary goal is to protect and defend the United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats. The FBI’s involvement in this bank robbery signifies its commitment to criminal investigations and maintaining public safety.

FBI Investigation

Upon the occurrence of the bank robbery, the FBI swiftly initiated an investigation to apprehend the perpetrator. With their team of experienced agents and access to advanced investigative resources, the FBI aims to gather evidence and identify the individual responsible for the bank robbery. Through their meticulous investigation, the FBI hopes to bring the perpetrator to justice and ensure the safety of the community.

Request for Public Assistance

The FBI relies on the cooperation and support of the public to solve complex cases, such as this bank robbery. In light of this, they are requesting assistance from anyone who may have witnessed the incident or possesses any relevant information. By sharing information, individuals can contribute to the ongoing investigation and help the FBI bring the responsible party to justice.

Contact Information

To aid in the bank robbery investigation, individuals can contact the FBI with any information they may have. The FBI has provided the following contact details:

Phone Number

If you have any information related to the bank robbery in Hallandale Beach, Florida, please call the FBI at (754) 703-2000. This phone number will connect you to the FBI Miami Field Office, where agents are available to receive tips and relevant information.

Twitter Account

Alternatively, individuals can also follow the FBI Miami Twitter account for updates and additional information regarding the ongoing investigation. The Twitter account can be found under the username @FBIMiamiFL.

Most Wanted

The FBI’s Most Wanted list is a compilation of the most dangerous and elusive fugitives in the United States. These individuals are sought after for various criminal offenses, ranging from murder to terrorism. While there is no direct connection between every bank robbery and the individuals on the Most Wanted list, the FBI remains vigilant in tracking down all criminals, and anyone with information regarding these fugitives should come forward.

Ten Most Wanted Fugitives

The Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list, maintained by the FBI, serves as a high-priority resource for tracking and apprehending dangerous criminals. These individuals are considered armed and extremely dangerous, posing a threat to public safety. Though not explicitly linked to the specific bank robbery in Hallandale Beach, further information about the Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitives can be found on the official FBI website.


The FBI’s involvement in investigating bank robberies is just one aspect of their overall mission to combat terrorism. The bureau plays a crucial role in preventing and addressing acts of terrorism within the United States and abroad. By focusing on intelligence gathering, analysis, and investigations, the FBI strives to protect the nation and its citizens from the terror threat.

Additional Resources

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Interested individuals can find information on the FBI’s legal policies and disclaimers, which outline the terms and conditions governing the use of the FBI’s official website.

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The FBI’s privacy policy outlines their commitment to protecting individuals’ privacy rights and explains how personal information is collected, used, and shared.


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In conclusion, the FBI seeks the public’s assistance in their investigation of a bank robbery in Hallandale Beach, Florida. By sharing any relevant information, individuals can play a crucial role in bringing the perpetrator to justice and maintaining public safety. The FBI’s involvement in this case showcases their dedication to combating crime and protecting the United States from various threats, including terrorism.