FBI Seeking Information in a Bank ATM Robbery in Miami Gardens

FBI seeks public's help in Miami Gardens bank ATM robbery. Details of the incident and contact information provided. Assistance crucial in investigation.

The FBI is requesting assistance from the public regarding a bank ATM robbery that occurred in Miami Gardens, Florida. The incident took place at a Chase Bank branch on June 26, 2023, at approximately 11:25 a.m. Two suspects observed a vendor servicing an outdoor ATM and swiftly approached the machine to steal money from it. The exact amount taken has not been disclosed at this time. The FBI has released this information as a means of promoting public safety and soliciting aid in their investigation. If you have any information about the robbery or the ongoing FBI investigation, please contact (754) 703-2000.

Article Title

FBI Seeking Information in a Bank ATM Robbery in Miami Gardens


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is seeking information regarding a bank ATM robbery that occurred in Miami Gardens, Florida. This article provides details about the robbery, the importance of public assistance, and contact information for anyone with information related to the case.

Robbery Details

Date and Time

The bank ATM robbery took place on June 26, 2023, at approximately 11:25 a.m. local time.


The robbery occurred at the Chase Bank branch located at 18255 NW 57th Avenue in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Robbers’ Actions

During the robbery, two individuals observed a vendor servicing an exterior bank ATM and quickly approached the machine. They managed to seize money from the ATM before fleeing the scene.

Amount of Money Taken

The exact amount of money taken during the robbery has not been disclosed by authorities at this time.

FBI Press Release

The FBI has issued a press release regarding this bank ATM robbery in Miami Gardens. The purpose of the press release is to inform the public about the incident and encourage anyone with information to come forward.

Public Safety

Purpose of Press Release

The press release serves the dual purpose of ensuring public safety and seeking the assistance of the public. By informing the community about the bank ATM robbery, individuals are made aware of the incident and can take necessary precautions to protect themselves.

Importance of Public Assistance

Public assistance is crucial during investigations such as this bank ATM robbery. The FBI relies on tips and information from the public to help identify and locate the perpetrators. By providing any relevant details, witnesses or individuals with knowledge about the incident can greatly assist law enforcement in their efforts to apprehend those responsible.

Contact Information

Anyone with information regarding the bank ATM robbery in Miami Gardens is urged to contact the FBI. The FBI phone number for this specific case is (754)703-2000. It is important to provide as much detail as possible when reporting information to ensure the accuracy and usefulness of the tip.

Most Wanted List

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Link to Most Wanted Fugitives

For those interested in viewing the Most Wanted Fugitives list, the FBI’s website provides a link where individuals can access the information. This resource can assist in identifying potential suspects or persons of interest in criminal activities.


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Seeking Information

To address the bank ATM robbery in Miami Gardens, the FBI is seeking information from the public. They are particularly interested in any details related to the robbers’ identities or any other relevant information.

Bank Robbers

Identifying the bank robbers is a critical step in the investigation. The FBI seeks any information that can help identify and locate these individuals. Descriptions, photographs, or other identifying details can greatly assist law enforcement in their efforts to bring the robbers to justice.


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FBI Jobs

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Submit a Tip

Individuals can submit tips to the FBI anonymously. This option allows anyone with relevant information about the bank ATM robbery or any other criminal activity to contribute to ongoing investigations without revealing their identity.

Crime Statistics

The FBI compiles crime statistics to provide law enforcement agencies, policymakers, and the public with accurate and up-to-date information on crime trends. These statistics can provide insights into the prevalence of different types of criminal activities in various regions.


The FBI has a rich history of upholding justice and ensuring the safety of American citizens. Understanding the history of the organization and its past accomplishments can foster a deeper appreciation for their ongoing efforts in maintaining public safety.


The FBI is actively seeking information regarding a bank ATM robbery in Miami Gardens. By releasing this press release, the FBI aims to engage the public in providing valuable tips and information that may assist in the investigation. The public’s cooperation is crucial in bringing those responsible to justice and safeguarding the community. If you have any information related to this bank ATM robbery, please contact the FBI at (754)703-2000. Your assistance could make a significant difference in solving this case and preventing future criminal incidents.