Mililani Felon Sentenced to 52 Months in Prison for Firearm and Witness Tampering Offenses

Get the details on the recent case of Chad Gabris, a Mililani felon sentenced to 52 months for firearm and witness tampering offenses. Learn about his background, sentencing, criminal history, possession of a firearm, and attempts to tamper with witnesses. This case showcases the commitment to prosecute criminals who keep firearms illegally and ensure community safety.

In a recent case, Chad Gabris, a 41-year-old felon from Mililani, Hawaii, has been sentenced to 52 months in federal prison for firearm and witness tampering offenses. Senior United States District Judge Susan O. Mollway handed down the sentence, which will run consecutive to Gabris’s state parole violation. Additionally, a three-year term of supervised release will be imposed upon his release from prison. Gabris, a registered sex offender and member of the “La Familia” prison gang, was found in possession of a Glock .40 S&W firearm and 70 rounds of ammunition. The conviction was further solidified by Gabris’s attempt to persuade his mother and the mother of his children to lie to federal investigators. This case is reflective of the commitment of the United States Department of Justice to prosecute criminals who illegally keep firearms, ensuring the safety of the community and holding offenders accountable for their acts.

Mililani Felon Sentenced to 52 Months in Prison for Firearm and Witness Tampering Offenses


In recent news, Chad Gabris, a resident of Mililani, Hawaii, was sentenced to 52 months in federal prison for firearm offenses and witness tampering. This article will provide an overview of the case, including background information, details of Gabris’s sentencing, his criminal history, and the implications of the sentence imposed.

Background Information

Mililani, the city where Chad Gabris resides, is a vibrant community located in the state of Hawaii. However, Gabris has a troubling criminal background. He is a registered sex offender and has been associated with the notorious “La Familia” prison gang. Additionally, Gabris has a history of engaging in criminal activities and has violated his state parole.

Chad Gabris’s Sentencing

Chad Gabris’s sentencing took place on a specified date at a particular venue. Presiding over the case was Senior United States District Judge Susan O. Mollway, who made the decision regarding the length of Gabris’s prison sentence. Ultimately, Gabris was sentenced to serve 52 months in federal prison.

Gabris’s Criminal History

Prior to the current case, Chad Gabris had been convicted of multiple felonies. Specifically, he was charged with sexual assault on two occasions and breaking into a motor vehicle twice. These prior felony convictions played a significant role in the charges and sentencing related to the possession of a firearm and witness tampering.

Possession of Firearm and Ammunition

During the investigation, law enforcement officials discovered a Glock .40 S&W firearm and 70 rounds of ammunition hidden in Gabris’s car in Mililani. The discovery was made on October 8, 2019. Gabris’s DNA was found on the firearm, and his palmprint was identified on a box containing some of the ammunition. As a convicted felon, Gabris was prohibited from possessing a firearm and ammunition.

Witness Tampering

In addition to the firearm and ammunition charges, Gabris was also charged with witness tampering. After his arrest, Gabris attempted to persuade both his mother and the mother of his children to lie to federal investigators. He wanted them to falsely state that the firearm and ammunition did not belong to him and that his mother had purchased them from a homeless man. Gabris assured his mother that he would make arrangements for her release if she was arrested for possessing the firearm and ammunition.

Sentence Imposed

The sentence imposed on Chad Gabris serves as a strong message to convicted felons. The court sought to preserve community safety by ensuring that individuals with a history of criminal behavior are not in possession of firearms. The 52-month prison sentence is a stark reminder of the consequences that await those who choose to engage in illegal activities involving firearms.

Federal Sentence Consecutive to State Parole Violation

In addition to the federal charges, Chad Gabris also violated his state parole. As a result, his federal sentence was ordered to run consecutive to his state term of imprisonment. The consecutive sentencing reflects the seriousness of Gabris’s actions and emphasizes the need for accountability.

Supervised Release

Upon his release from federal prison, Chad Gabris will be subject to a three-year term of supervised release. This period of supervision aims to reintegrate Gabris into society while ensuring compliance with the law and reducing the risk of reoffending.

Gabris’s Guilty Plea

Chad Gabris pleaded guilty to the charges against him, acknowledging his possession of the firearm and ammunition as a convicted felon. His guilty plea demonstrates his acceptance of responsibility for his actions.

Corrupt Persuasion of Witnesses

Gabris’s attempts to corruptly persuade his mother and the mother of his children to lie to federal investigators highlight the extent to which he was willing to go to avoid criminal prosecution. These actions undermine the integrity of the justice system and warrant additional consequences.

Prosecution’s Commitment to Gun Control

The prosecution team, led by U.S. Attorney Clare E. Connors, is firmly committed to prosecuting convicted criminals who illegally possess firearms. The case involving Chad Gabris exemplifies this commitment and serves as a reminder that individuals with prior criminal convictions should never be in possession of firearms.

Project Safe Neighborhoods

This case is part of Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN), a program developed by the Department of Justice to address violent crime reduction. PSN brings together various stakeholders to identify and address the most pressing violent crime issues in communities. By focusing enforcement efforts on the most violent offenders and collaborating with prevention and reentry programs, PSN aims to achieve lasting reductions in crime.

Partnerships in Crime Reduction

The success of the investigation and prosecution of Chad Gabris’s case would not have been possible without the collaboration of various investigative agencies. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Hawaii Department of Public Safety, Sheriff Division, played pivotal roles in gathering evidence and bringing the case to court. The Honolulu Police Department and the Hawaii Paroling Authority also provided crucial assistance throughout the process.

Prosecution Team

The successful prosecution of Chad Gabris was led by Assistant U.S. Attorney Wayne A. Myers. His expertise and dedication to upholding the law were instrumental in securing a conviction and imposing an appropriate sentence.

In conclusion, the sentencing of Chad Gabris to 52 months in federal prison for firearm and witness tampering offenses sends a clear message that convicted felons should not be in possession of firearms. It serves as a reminder of the commitment to community safety and the pursuit of justice in cases involving illegal firearms. The collaboration between investigative agencies and the strong prosecution team demonstrates a collective effort to address violent crime and protect society.