Northwest Arkansas Educator Receives FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award

Learn about the remarkable achievements of Dr. Blake Robertson, the recipient of the FBI Director's Community Leadership Award in Northwest Arkansas. Discover his contributions to education, community outreach, and the mission of the FBI.

Yesterday, Dr. Blake Robertson, the former President of Northwest Technical Institute (NWTI), was awarded the prestigious FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award by FBI Little Rock Special Agent in Charge, James A. Dawson. Dr. Robertson’s exceptional contributions to education and community outreach in Northwest Arkansas have greatly supported the FBI’s mission in the state. His dedication to teaching adult community members, helping immigrants and reformed criminals integrate into society, and establishing programs for recently released inmates has made a significant impact on the community. Additionally, Dr. Robertson’s work with the Council on Occupational Education and his efforts in equipping law enforcement and military personnel with career-enhancing technical skills have further solidified his commitment to enhancing educational access for all Arkansans. Overall, Dr. Robertson’s extensive contributions have made him a deserving recipient of the FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award.

FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award

The FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award is a prestigious recognition given to individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to combating crime, terrorism, drugs, and violence in the United States. This award serves as a commendation for the exceptional work and dedication demonstrated by the recipients. One such deserving recipient of this esteemed award is Dr. Blake Robertson, former President of Northwest Technical Institute (NWTI) and a founding member of the Latin Community Organization (LCO) in Arkansas.

Presentation of the Award to Dr. Blake Robertson

In a formal ceremony held recently, FBI Little Rock Special Agent in Charge (SAC) James A. Dawson presented the 2021 FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award to Dr. Blake Robertson. This recognition is a testimony to Dr. Robertson’s outstanding contributions to the FBI’s mission in Arkansas. SAC Dawson commended Dr. Robertson’s passion for education and his commitment to helping immigrants and reformed criminals integrate into society.

Recognition of Dr. Robertson’s Contributions

Dr. Robertson has been an integral part of the education system in Northwest Arkansas for several decades. As the former President of Northwest Technical Institute, he played a significant role in shaping and enhancing technical education in the region. Additionally, he has been a founding member of the Latin Community Organization, which has been instrumental in supporting and empowering the Latin community throughout the state of Arkansas.

Dr. Blake Robertson’s Background

Former President of Northwest Technical Institute

Dr. Blake Robertson’s tenure as the President of Northwest Technical Institute has been marked by his unwavering commitment to providing high-quality education and technical skills training to the community. His leadership has resulted in the growth and success of NWTI, making it a well-respected institution in the region.

Founding Member of the Latin Community Organization

Recognizing the need for a formal support system for the Latin community in Arkansas, Dr. Robertson helped establish the Latin Community Organization. The LCO has been pivotal in providing resources, advocacy, and opportunities for the Latin community, ensuring their access to education, employment, and social integration.

Role in Establishing the Springdale Re-entry Program

As part of his commitment to improving the lives of individuals who have been incarcerated, Dr. Robertson played a crucial role in establishing the Springdale Re-entry Program. This program provides support and resources to recently released inmates, helping them reintegrate into society and find employment opportunities. Dr. Robertson’s expertise in criminal justice has been invaluable in shaping the program’s framework and ensuring its success.

Education and Accreditation Work

Traveling to Accredit Career and Technical Schools

Dr. Robertson’s dedication to the field of education extends beyond his role at NWTI. As a representative of the Council on Occupational Education, he travels across the nation to accredit career and technical schools. Through these accreditation visits, Dr. Robertson ensures that these institutions meet the highest standards of quality and provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge for successful careers.

Equipping Law Enforcement and Military Personnel with Technical Skills

In addition to his work in the education sector, Dr. Robertson actively seeks opportunities to contribute to the law enforcement and military communities. Through his role at NWTI, he voluntarily provides career-enhancing technical skills training to law enforcement and military personnel. By equipping these individuals with the necessary skills, Dr. Robertson aims to enhance their capabilities and effectiveness in their respective roles.

Improving Educational Access and Integration

Working with Immigrants and Reformed Criminals

Dr. Robertson’s commitment to educational access and integration is evident in his work with immigrants and reformed criminals. Through various initiatives at NWTI and collaborations with community organizations, Dr. Robertson ensures that these individuals have the opportunity to pursue education and acquire the skills necessary for successful integration into society. His efforts have brought about transformative changes in the lives of many individuals, offering them a chance at a brighter future.

Collaboration with Local Legislators

Recognizing the importance of legislative support in promoting educational access and integration, Dr. Robertson actively collaborates with local legislators. He advocates for policies and initiatives that prioritize education and support individuals from all walks of life. Dr. Robertson’s collaboration with local legislators has resulted in the implementation of programs and funding opportunities that have had a lasting positive impact on the community.

Dr. Robertson’s Reflections on the Award

His Satisfaction in Public Service

Dr. Robertson’s commitment to public service is rooted in his deep satisfaction in helping others. Over his 34 years of dedicated service, he has derived immense fulfillment from working with individuals who are often marginalized or overlooked. Dr. Robertson finds joy in helping them access education and employment opportunities, knowing that he is making a lasting difference in their lives.

The Calling of Community Service

For Dr. Robertson, community service is not merely a job but a calling. He believes that those who work in community service are driven by a deep sense of purpose and a desire to make a positive impact. Dr. Robertson’s commitment to service has shaped his career and continues to inspire others to find their own calling in making a difference in their communities.

Challenge to Benefit Arkansas

In receiving the FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award, Dr. Robertson considers it a reminder and a challenge for everyone to find ways to benefit the state of Arkansas. He encourages individuals to identify one thing in their daily lives that can have a positive impact on the community and take action. Dr. Robertson’s challenge serves as a call to action for individuals to make a difference and contribute to the betterment of Arkansas.

Background of FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award

Establishment of the Award in 1990

The FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award was established in 1990 as a means to recognize individuals and organizations that have shown exceptional dedication in combating crime, terrorism, drugs, and violence. Since its inception, the award has become a symbol of honor and appreciation for those who go above and beyond in their efforts to create safer communities.

Recognition of Efforts in Combating Crime, Terrorism, Drugs, and Violence

The award serves as a platform to acknowledge the tireless efforts of individuals and organizations in fighting against various forms of criminal activities. Whether it is combating organized crime, preventing acts of terrorism, addressing drug-related issues, or reducing violence in communities, the award recognizes those who have made significant strides in making a positive impact in these areas.

Selection Process for the Award

Field Offices’ Annual Selections

Each year, FBI field offices across the country select a community partner to receive the FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award. The selection process involves careful consideration of the individual or organization’s contributions, impact, and dedication to combating crime and promoting community safety. It is a rigorous process that ensures the award is bestowed upon the most deserving recipients.

Previous Recipients in Arkansas

In Arkansas, the FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award has been presented to individuals who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to their communities. Last year’s recipient in Arkansas was Dr. Rajesh Nayak, a valued member of FBI Little Rock’s InfraGard organization. These recipients exemplify the spirit of the award and serve as inspiring role models for others in their community.

Congratulations and Gratitude to Dr. Blake Robertson

FBI Little Rock’s Appreciation for Dr. Robertson’s Work

The FBI Little Rock extends its heartfelt congratulations and appreciation to Dr. Blake Robertson for his exceptional work in serving the Arkansas communities. Dr. Robertson’s contributions in the education sector, his involvement with community organizations, and his commitment to improving the lives of individuals have made a lasting impact. The FBI recognizes and values his dedication to creating safer and more inclusive communities.

Recognition of his Service to Arkansas Communities

Dr. Robertson’s receipt of the FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award is a testament to his selfless service to the state of Arkansas. His work with immigrants, reformed criminals, and various community organizations has brought about transformative changes and opportunities. The recognition of Dr. Robertson’s service serves as an inspiration for others to follow in his footsteps and contribute to the betterment of Arkansas communities.

In conclusion, Dr. Blake Robertson’s receipt of the FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award is a well-deserved recognition of his outstanding contributions to education, community service, and the improvement of Arkansas communities. His commitment, dedication, and passion serve as an inspiration to others, demonstrating the power of education, inclusivity, and community engagement. Dr. Robertson’s work exemplifies the values and mission of the FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award and highlights the vital role individuals play in creating safer and more prosperous communities.