Anchorage Woman Sentenced to 20 Years for Kidnapping

An Anchorage woman receives a 20-year prison sentence for kidnapping an 18-year-old victim. Read about the terrifying ordeal and its impact on the community.

In a recent court decision, an Anchorage woman was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the kidnapping of an 18-year-old victim. Court documents reveal that the 28-year-old suspect, Nellie Sherry Serradell, attempted to stop multiple vehicles as she walked in and out of traffic on Dimond Boulevard. After the victim agreed to give Serradell a ride to her workplace, she was subjected to a terrifying ordeal that involved physical assault, sexual assault, and threats of violence. The victim managed to escape and alert authorities, leading to Serradell’s arrest the following day. This case highlights the importance of swift and decisive action against those who threaten the safety of our community.

Anchorage Woman Sentenced to 20 Years for Kidnapping

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Case Background

In a shocking and disturbing case, an Anchorage woman has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for kidnapping an 18-year-old victim. The woman, identified as Nellie Sherry Serradell, attempted to stop multiple vehicles by walking in and out of traffic on Dimond Boulevard in the early morning hours of November 17, 2019. This incident caused great concern and endangered the lives of innocent motorists.

Summary of the Incident

According to court documents, Serradell ran in front of the victim’s vehicle at the intersection of Dimond and C Street. Fearing for her safety, the victim agreed to give Serradell a ride to her workplace. However, upon arriving in the parking lot, Serradell abruptly grabbed the victim and threatened her with a gun. She then instructed the victim to keep driving.

During the traumatic ordeal, Serradell physically assaulted the victim, repeatedly striking her in the face. The assailant directed the victim to drive to a trailer park on Muldoon Road, where she subjected the victim to sexual assault. Despite the victim’s desperate attempts to put an end to the horrifying ordeal, Serradell remained relentless in her control and manipulation.

Eventually, the victim devised a plan to escape from Serradell’s clutches. She offered the kidnapper money and suggested going to an ATM machine. As they drove, Serradell fell asleep, providing the victim with an opportunity to act. The victim discreetly exited the vehicle at a gas station on 15th Ave., swiftly entered the store, and called 911 for help.

Upon waking up and realizing the victim had escaped, Serradell fled the scene in the victim’s car. The following day, she was apprehended by law enforcement in a nearby motel, wearing the victim’s brown Bearpaw boots. The victim’s car was found abandoned on Boniface Parkway, and investigators discovered Serradell’s DNA in multiple areas inside the passenger compartment.

Arrest and Prosecution

Following a thorough investigation by the FBI and the Anchorage Police Department, Serradell was arrested the day after the kidnapping. The evidence gathered during the investigation, including the recovery of the victim’s car and the presence of Serradell’s DNA, played a crucial role in securing her indictment.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Christopher Schroeder spearheaded the prosecution of Serradell. She pleaded guilty to the federal kidnapping charge on July 25, 2022. The severity of the crime and the impact it had on the victim made it imperative to pursue a substantial sentence.

Victim’s Statement

The victim in this case endured unimaginable trauma and suffering at the hands of her captor. Although her identity is being protected for her safety, her statement was instrumental in bringing the offender to justice.

The victim expressed gratitude for the law enforcement agencies involved in her rescue and stated that she hoped her experience would shed light on the importance of community safety and the need for justice to prevail. Her bravery and resilience throughout the ordeal serve as an inspiration to others who may find themselves in similar situations.

Law Enforcement Investigation

Law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and the Anchorage Police Department, conducted a meticulous investigation to gather evidence and build a strong case against Serradell. Their dedication and attention to detail ultimately led to her capture and conviction.

Investigators diligently examined the crime scene, collected forensic evidence, and interviewed witnesses to piece together the sequence of events. The recovery of the victim’s car and the identification of Serradell’s DNA inside the vehicle played a pivotal role in establishing her guilt.

The Sentencing

U.S. District Judge Joshua M. Kindred presided over the sentencing of Nellie Sherry Serradell. Recognizing the severity and impact of the crime, Judge Kindred imposed a sentence of 20 years in federal prison.

By imposing a significant sentence, the court sent a strong message that crimes of this nature will not be tolerated, and those who commit them will face substantial consequences. The victim’s safety and well-being were paramount considerations in determining the appropriate punishment.

Impact of the Crime

The victim of this kidnapping endured physical and emotional harm as a result of Serradell’s actions. Kidnappings have a lasting impact on the victims, causing trauma and psychological distress that can endure for years. The effects ripple out beyond the immediate victim, often impacting their families, friends, and communities.

Crimes of this nature also erode public trust and instill fear within communities. The safety and security of individuals should never be compromised, and the sentencing of Serradell serves as a step toward restoring confidence in the protection provided by law enforcement agencies.

Statement from U.S. Attorney

U.S. Attorney S. Lane Tucker for the District of Alaska emphasized the gravity of the crime committed by Serradell. In a statement, Tucker highlighted the victim’s compassionate nature in attempting to help someone in need. Tragically, Serradell took advantage of the victim’s kindness, subjecting her to a harrowing experience.

Tucker praised the collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies and underscored the unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety of the community. The robust prosecution and subsequent sentencing demonstrate the resolve to hold individuals accountable for their actions and protect the well-being of Alaskan residents.

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Project Safe Neighborhoods

This case is part of Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN), an essential program within the Department of Justice’s overall efforts to reduce violent crime. PSN adopts an evidence-based approach, collaborating with various stakeholders to address the most pressing violent crime issues within communities.

The focus of PSN is to target the most violent offenders, while also working hand in hand with local prevention and reentry programs to achieve long-lasting reductions in crime rates. By integrating enforcement, prevention, and intervention strategies, PSN aims to create safer and more secure communities across the United States.


The sentencing of Nellie Sherry Serradell to 20 years in prison serves as a reminder of the severity of kidnapping offenses. The victim in this case showed immense bravery and resilience throughout the traumatic experience, while law enforcement agencies worked diligently to ensure justice prevailed.

Crimes of this nature have a profound impact, not only on the immediate victim but also on the larger community. The resolution of this case sends a powerful message that these actions will not be tolerated, and perpetrators will face severe consequences.

Through programs like Project Safe Neighborhoods, the Department of Justice remains committed to enhancing public safety and reducing violent crime. By addressing the root causes and collaborating with stakeholders, a safer future can be built, where individuals can live free from fear and harm.

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