Boston Man Pleads Guilty to Child Exploitation Charges

Boston man pleads guilty to child exploitation charges involving sexual exploitation and distribution of child pornography. Learn more about the case and the evidence against him.

In a recent case that has drawn significant attention and concern, a Boston man has pleaded guilty to child exploitation charges, specifically, sexual exploitation of children, distribution of child pornography, and possession of child pornography. Robinson Alberto Baez-Nova, 39, admitted his guilt in federal court and now awaits sentencing. The charges stemmed from reports received by the police regarding suspected child pornography associated with Baez-Nova’s Google account, leading to the discovery of disturbing evidence of his involvement in the sexual exploitation of children. This case serves as a somber reminder of the ongoing battle against child exploitation and the urgent need to protect vulnerable individuals in our society.

Boston Man Pleads Guilty to Child Exploitation Charges

Case Background

The case involving Robinson Alberto Baez-Nova revolves around charges of sexual exploitation of children, distribution of child pornography, and possession of child pornography. Baez-Nova, a 39-year-old man from Jamaica Plain, Boston, pleaded guilty to these charges. The criminal complaint against him was filed on April 29, 2021.

Charges and Plea

Baez-Nova faced several charges, including one count of sexual exploitation of children, one count of distribution of child pornography, and two counts of possession of child pornography. He pleaded guilty to all of these charges in federal court in Boston. The plea was made on an unspecified date in the past. The case was handled by U.S. District Court Judge Indira Talwani.


The sentencing for Robinson Alberto Baez-Nova is scheduled for November 17, 2023. During the sentencing, various factors will be considered in determining the appropriate sentence. These factors may include the nature of the offenses committed and any potential mitigating circumstances. The U.S. Sentencing Guidelines will also be taken into account in determining the sentence. Additionally, there are mandatory minimum and maximum sentences for each charge.

Evidence against Baez-Nova

The evidence against Baez-Nova includes the discovery of National Center for Missing and Exploited Children CyberTipline reports. These reports indicated that Baez-Nova’s Google account uploaded suspected child pornography to his Google Photos between November 14, 2018, and August 27, 2020. In addition to these reports, a search of Baez-Nova’s cellphone revealed explicit images and videos of child pornography.

Involvement of Y.P.

During the investigation, a WhatsApp chat was uncovered on Baez-Nova’s cellphone. This chat involved an individual identified as “Y.P.” Y.P. is a 17-year-old male living in the Dominican Republic. Within this chat, conversations about Y.P.’s 17-year-old niece, referred to as “MINOR A,” were found. Y.P. requested money from Baez-Nova for MINOR A’s birthday celebration. Baez-Nova, in turn, requested Y.P. to exploit MINOR A by producing child pornography. Y.P. ultimately provided Baez-Nova with five different videos of MINOR A in response to his requests.

Involvement of MINOR B

Another WhatsApp chat was discovered on Baez-Nova’s device, this time involving a 14-year-old female from the Dominican Republic, identified as “MINOR B.” During this conversation, Baez-Nova solicited MINOR B to obtain images and videos of “little kids” engaged in sexual conduct in exchange for money. On August 27, 2020, Baez-Nova distributed child pornography to MINOR B. Additionally, on August 28, 2020, he distributed child pornography of MINOR A to MINOR B.

Number of Images and Videos Found

In total, over 200 images and over 400 videos of child pornography were found on Baez-Nova’s cell phone and in his Google Photos account. These graphic and exploitative materials were used as evidence against him in the case.

Penalties for Each Charge

The penalties for each charge vary based on the nature of the offense. The charge of sexual exploitation of children carries a mandatory minimum sentence of fifteen years and a maximum sentence of thirty years in prison. The charge of distribution of child pornography has a mandatory minimum sentence of five years and a maximum sentence of twenty years in prison. The possession of child pornography charge carries a maximum sentence of twenty years in prison. Additionally, each charge also carries a mandatory minimum of five years and up to a lifetime of supervised release. A fine of up to $250,000 may also be imposed for each charge.

Announcement of Plea

Robinson Alberto Baez-Nova’s guilty plea was announced by Acting United States Attorney Joshua S. Levy, Christopher DiMenna (Acting Special Agent in Charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Boston Field Division), and Boston Police Commissioner Michael Cox. This plea is significant in holding Baez-Nova accountable for his actions and ensuring justice for the victims of child exploitation.

Assistance Provided by Other Agencies

The successful prosecution of the case involved the collaboration and assistance of several agencies. The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, the Nashua Police Department, the Hillsborough County (N.H.) District Attorney’s Office, and Homeland Security Investigations in Boston provided valuable assistance throughout the investigation. These agencies played a crucial role in uncovering the evidence against Baez-Nova and supporting the legal proceedings.

In conclusion, the guilty plea by Robinson Alberto Baez-Nova to child exploitation charges marks an important step in the justice system’s fight against child exploitation and pornography. The evidence against Baez-Nova, including the discovery of explicit images and videos, WhatsApp chats, and the involvement of minors, paints a disturbing picture of his activities. The scheduled sentencing will determine the appropriate penalties for these crimes, taking into account the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors. The collaboration between various agencies highlights the commitment to protecting children and prosecuting those involved in such heinous crimes.