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Key Obligations Under the EU’s New Content Rules

Discover the key obligations under the EU's new content rules, aimed at tackling illegal and harmful content on major online platforms and search engines. Take swift action to remove illegal content, prevent the spread of harmful content, empower users, end targeted advertising practices, and provide transparency.

The Rise of Europe’s Far Right: Springtime for Europe’s Fascists

The Rise of Europe's Far Right: Springtime for Europe's Fascists" explores the surge of far-right parties, signaling a potential rightward shift in Europe's political landscape. Concerns arise from Germany's far-right party, AfD, and its popularity driven by issues surrounding illegal immigration and rising crime rates. Europe's far-right parties pose a challenge to the continent's political stability.

The War Against ‘Woke Capitalism’ in the EU

Discover the rise of the 'war against woke capitalism' in the EU and how Nigel Farage's campaign is gaining support from Euroskeptic parties. Learn how far-right groups are using this strategy to appeal to voters and reshape their platforms. Find out how traditional conservative parties are also adopting similar policies.