Dion Oliver Sentenced to Life in Federal Prison Following Convictions for the Shooting of a Wilmington 6-Year-Old Boy and the Death of a Newark Woman

Dion Oliver sentenced to life in prison without parole for shooting a 6-year-old boy and killing a woman. Read about the shocking crimes and their consequences.

Dion Oliver, a 43-year-old man, has been sentenced to life in federal prison without the possibility of parole following his convictions for the shooting of a 6-year-old boy in Wilmington and the death of a woman in Newark. Oliver, along with five co-conspirators, orchestrated a plot to kill a man, resulting in a series of terrifying events. After failing to hit their target, they kidnapped the man’s girlfriend, held her at gunpoint, and ultimately murdered her in Elkton, Maryland. Oliver continued to pursue the man and fired shots at him, inadvertently striking a passing SUV and critically injuring a young child. This appalling offense has been met with severe consequences, as Oliver receives his life sentence, serving as a stark reminder of the devastating impact violent crime can have on communities.

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Convictions of Dion Oliver

Dion Oliver, a 43-year-old individual, was recently convicted of Stalking, Kidnapping Resulting in Death, and Conspiracy. After a seven-day federal trial, he received a life sentence without the possibility of parole. This sentence comes as a result of his involvement in a series of violent crimes that resulted in the death of a Newark woman and severe injuries to a 6-year-old boy.

Details of the crimes

Oliver’s crimes involved the collaboration of at least five co-conspirators: Ryan Bacon, Donte Sykes, Teres Tinnin, Maurice Cooper, and Michael Pritchett. Together, they embarked on a mission to locate and kill a man identified as M.S. On June 6, 2017, Oliver and his accomplices kidnapped M.S.’s girlfriend, Keyonna Perkins, and used her to track down M.S.

Ms. Perkins was held at gunpoint by Oliver and forcibly placed in the trunk of a car. The group managed to locate M.S. but failed to hit him with their initial shots. Following this unsuccessful attempt, Ms. Perkins was transferred to the trunk of a second vehicle and taken to Elkton, Maryland, where she was ultimately murdered.


Life imprisonment without parole

In the aftermath of Oliver’s conviction, U.S. District Judge Joshua D. Wolson sentenced him to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. This severe punishment reflects the judge’s acknowledgment of the gravity of Oliver’s crimes and the need to ensure that he is removed from society for the remainder of his life.

Judgment by U.S. District Judge Joshua D. Wolson

U.S. District Judge Joshua D. Wolson presided over Oliver’s trial and ultimately delivered his judgment. In doing so, Judge Wolson emphasized the reprehensible nature of Oliver’s offenses, describing them as “selfish, ignorant, and devastating” and leaving no room for mercy. With this judgment, he aims to bring justice to the victims’ families and the affected communities.


Ryan Bacon

Ryan Bacon is one of Oliver’s co-conspirators, working closely with him throughout their criminal endeavors. Their joint purpose was to locate and kill M.S., thereby implicating Bacon in the resulting crimes.

Donte Sykes

Donte Sykes is another individual involved in the series of crimes orchestrated by Oliver. Like the other co-conspirators, he played a role in searching for M.S. and participated in the subsequent kidnapping and shootings.

Teres Tinnin

Teres Tinnin is among the group of co-conspirators associated with Oliver. Their collective actions revolved around locating M.S. and carrying out acts of violence against him, resulting in the death of Keyonna Perkins.

Maurice Cooper

Maurice Cooper is one of Oliver’s accomplices who collaborated in the mission to locate and kill M.S. The collective efforts of these co-conspirators led to a string of violent incidents culminating in tragic consequences.

Michael Pritchett

Michael Pritchett was a key figure in working alongside Oliver in their pursuit of M.S. After an initial failed shooting attempt, Pritchett and Oliver continued their pursuit until they managed to fire shots at M.S., causing severe injuries to a young boy.

The Kidnapping of Keyonna Perkins

Oliver’s involvement

Dion Oliver played a central role in the kidnapping of Keyonna Perkins, an innocent woman caught in the crosshairs of Oliver and his co-conspirators. Oliver held her at gunpoint, utilizing her to track down M.S. and further their mission of violence.

Forced into the trunk of a car

As part of their plan, Oliver and his accomplices forced Keyonna Perkins into the trunk of a car. This act demonstrates the complete disregard for her safety and well-being, showcasing the callousness and brutality of Oliver and his associates.

Murder in Elkton, Maryland

After locating M.S., Oliver and his co-conspirators fired multiple shots at him but failed to hit their intended target. Tragically, during this series of events, Keyonna Perkins was still confined in the trunk of a car. The co-conspirators then transported her to Elkton, Maryland, where she ultimately met a tragic and untimely demise.

The Shooting of M.S.

Failed shooting in the first attempt

During their pursuit of M.S., Oliver and his co-conspirators attempted to shoot him, but they ultimately missed their target. This failure only intensified their determination to find him and carry out their violent plans.

Oliver’s continued pursuit

Undeterred by the initial failure, Dion Oliver relentlessly pursued M.S. His persistence in tracking down and harming M.S. underscores the premeditated nature of his crimes and his lack of remorse or empathy.

Shooting in Wilmington

Oliver’s pursuit of M.S. led him to the Probation & Parole Offices in New Castle. Together with Michael Pritchett, Oliver waited for M.S. to leave the premises. Once M.S. exited the building and drove into Wilmington, Oliver fired multiple shots from the passenger side of Pritchett’s truck. However, the shots missed M.S., striking an innocent passing SUV instead.

Consequences and Impact

Severe and permanent injuries to a 6-year-old boy

As a result of Oliver’s reckless actions, a 6-year-old boy suffered severe and permanent injuries. The bullet fired by Oliver struck the child in the head, causing untold pain and trauma. This incident highlights the devastating consequences that innocent individuals can face due to the actions of violent criminals.

Death of Keyonna Perkins

Tragically, Keyonna Perkins lost her life as a direct result of Oliver’s criminal activities. She was an innocent victim caught up in the web of violence orchestrated by Oliver and his co-conspirators. Her untimely death serves as a harrowing reminder of the lasting impact that these heinous crimes can have on the lives of innocent individuals and their communities.

Horrific Offense

Judge Wolson’s comments on the severity of the crime

Upon delivering his sentence, U.S. District Judge Joshua D. Wolson did not mince words. He described Oliver’s offense as “horrific” and stressed its profound impact on the victims and their communities. Judge Wolson’s comments reflect the gravity of the situation and the need for accountability in the face of such abhorrent acts.


Statements by U.S. Attorney David C. Weiss

U.S. Attorney David C. Weiss provided statements regarding the case, expressing his condolences to the victims’ families and emphasizing the seriousness of Oliver’s crimes. Weiss highlighted the death of Keyonna Perkins and the severe and permanent injuries inflicted on the young boy as devastating consequences that demand justice. He emphasized his office’s commitment to working with federal, state, and local law enforcement to combat violent crime and protect communities.

Collaboration with federal, state, and local law enforcement

The successful prosecution of Dion Oliver’s case required the cooperation and collaboration of various law enforcement agencies at the federal, state, and local levels. This joint effort underscores the commitment of these agencies to ensure the safety of the general public and bring those responsible for violent crimes to justice.

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FBI Involvement

Commitment to removing dangerous criminals

The involvement of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in Oliver’s case highlighted their dedication to removing dangerous criminals from communities. Special Agent in Charge Thomas J. Sobocinski of the FBI’s Baltimore field office emphasized the impact of Oliver’s actions, which resulted in the murder of an innocent woman and irreversible harm to a child. The FBI, together with their law enforcement partners, remains steadfast in their pursuit of those who bring violence and harm to citizens.

Efforts to make neighborhoods safer

The FBI’s involvement in this case is part of their broader mission to create safer neighborhoods for individuals and families. By actively investigating and prosecuting violent criminals like Dion Oliver, the FBI aims to send a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated. Their ongoing commitment to this work serves to protect communities and ensure a safer future.

Investigation and Assistance

FBI’s Delaware Violent Crime and Safe Streets Taskforce

The investigation into Dion Oliver’s crimes was led by the FBI’s Delaware Violent Crime and Safe Streets Taskforce. This specialized task force, composed of law enforcement from various agencies, played a pivotal role in tracking down and apprehending Oliver and his co-conspirators. Their collaborative efforts highlight the effectiveness of interagency cooperation in tackling violent crime.

Collaboration with various law enforcement agencies

In addition to the FBI, several other law enforcement agencies provided crucial assistance in the investigation and prosecution of Dion Oliver’s case. The Wilmington Police Department, New Castle County Police Department, Delaware State Police, and Elkton Police Department all played vital roles in ensuring the successful resolution of this complex and deeply troubling criminal matter. Their collective efforts reinforced the importance of collaboration among law enforcement agencies to bring dangerous criminals to justice.

In conclusion, the case of Dion Oliver and his co-conspirators exemplifies the devastating impact of violent crimes on individuals and communities. Oliver’s conviction and subsequent life sentence underscore the seriousness of his offenses and the need to remove dangerous individuals from society. The collaborative efforts of the FBI and various law enforcement agencies reflect a commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of the public. Through their investigations, prosecutions, and partnerships, these agencies work tirelessly to combat violent crime, create safer neighborhoods, and seek justice for victims and their families.

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