FBI-Chicago Announces an Increased Reward for Top 10 Fugitive Arnoldo Jimenez

FBI-Chicago increases reward to $250,000 for top 10 fugitive Arnoldo Jimenez. Help locate Jimenez, wanted for alleged murder of his wife. Report tips to 1-800-CALL-FBI or tips.fbi.gov. Act now!

The FBI-Chicago has announced an increased reward for Arnoldo Jimenez, a top 10 fugitive wanted for the alleged murder of his wife. The reward has been raised from $100,000 to $250,000 in an effort to gather more information and leads on Jimenez’s whereabouts. Jimenez is accused of stabbing his wife to death in 2012, just hours after their wedding, before dragging her body into the bathroom tub. He is believed to have ties to Mexico and may frequent certain areas in Durango and Tamaulipas. The public is encouraged to report any tips or information, even anonymously, to 1-800-CALL-FBI or tips.fbi.gov.

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FBI-Chicago announces an increased reward for top 10 fugitive Arnoldo Jimenez

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in Chicago has recently announced an increased reward for Arnoldo Jimenez, who is listed as the 522nd fugitive on the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted list. Jimenez is wanted for the alleged murder of his wife, which took place less than 24 hours after their wedding in May 2012. The motive behind the murder and the previous reward amount will be discussed, along with the reasoning behind the increase in reward.


Arnoldo Jimenez named 522nd fugitive on FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted list

Arnoldo Jimenez, a resident of Chicago, has been listed as the 522nd fugitive on the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted list. This prestigious list highlights the most dangerous and sought-after criminals in the United States. Jimenez’s inclusion in the list is due to the alleged murder of his wife shortly after their wedding.

Details of the alleged murder of Jimenez’s wife

Jimenez is accused of stabbing his wife to death in his black, four-door Maserati. After the murder, he allegedly dragged her body into the bathroom tub of her apartment in Burbank, Illinois. Shockingly, the victim was still wearing her wedding dress at the time of her death, emphasizing the brutal nature of the crime.

The motive behind the murder

While the exact motive for the murder has not been disclosed, the investigation has revealed that it occurred less than 24 hours after the couple’s wedding. Speculation suggests that there may have been underlying issues or disputes between the couple that led to this tragic event.

Previous reward amount and the reason for the increase

Initially, a reward of $100,000 was offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Arnoldo Jimenez. However, the FBI has deemed it necessary to increase this amount to $250,000. The reason for the increase is to incentivize the public to come forward with any information that can help locate Jimenez. By increasing the reward, law enforcement hopes to generate more leads and potentially expedite the capture of this dangerous fugitive.

Increased Reward

The new reward amount offered for information on Jimenez’s whereabouts

The reward amount for information on Arnoldo Jimenez’s whereabouts has been increased from $100,000 to $250,000. This substantial increase demonstrates the seriousness and urgency of capturing Jimenez. The FBI believes that by offering a higher reward, individuals may be more motivated to provide valuable tips or information that can assist in locating and apprehending the fugitive.

Comparison to other rewards on the Top Ten Fugitive list

When compared to the rewards offered for other fugitives on the Top Ten Most Wanted list, the $250,000 reward for Arnoldo Jimenez is significant. This demonstrates the priority and importance law enforcement places on capturing Jimenez. The increased reward places Jimenez in the spotlight as one of the most highly sought-after fugitives in the nation.

Reasoning behind the increase

The decision to increase the reward for information on Jimenez’s whereabouts was driven by the need for public cooperation. Law enforcement agencies rely on information from the general public to locate and apprehend fugitives like Jimenez. By increasing the reward, the FBI hopes to encourage people to come forward with any relevant information they may have. This tactic has proven successful in the past and has led to the apprehension of many dangerous criminals.

Ties to Mexico

Jimenez believed to have ties to Durango, Mexico

Arnoldo Jimenez is believed to have ties to Durango, Mexico, specifically in the town of Santiago Papasquiaro. This information suggests that Jimenez may have fled to Mexico to evade capture. The FBI is actively working with Mexican authorities to collaborate and pursue Jimenez in his potential hiding locations abroad.

Possible locations Jimenez may frequent in Mexico

In addition to Santiago Papasquiaro, Jimenez may also frequent Reynosa, Tamaulipas, in Mexico. These locations have been identified as potential hotspots where he could be hiding or seeking refuge. Law enforcement agencies are focusing their efforts on these areas and are requesting the public’s assistance in providing any information that could lead to Jimenez’s capture.

Reporting Tips

The public can report tips anonymously at 1-800-CALL-FBI

The FBI encourages the public to come forward with information related to the whereabouts of Arnoldo Jimenez. Tips can be provided anonymously by calling the toll-free number 1-800-CALL-FBI. This hotline allows individuals to report relevant information without fearing retribution or facing any negative consequences.

Online reporting options available at tips.fbi.gov

For those who prefer to report tips online, the FBI provides a convenient option through their website at tips.fbi.gov. This platform allows individuals to submit tips securely and discreetly. By utilizing this online reporting system, tipsters can play a vital role in helping law enforcement locate and apprehend fugitives like Jimenez.

Additional Information

Link to 2019 press release and more details

For more information and a detailed account of the case, the FBI has provided a link to the 2019 press release. This press release outlines the circumstances surrounding the murder and the subsequent inclusion of Arnoldo Jimenez on the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted list. Interested individuals can access this press release for further insight into the case.

Wanted poster and podcast for Arnoldo Jimenez

To aid in the public’s awareness and understanding of Arnoldo Jimenez’s case, the FBI has created a wanted poster. This poster includes essential information, such as physical description, known aliases, and photographs of Jimenez. Additionally, a podcast has been produced to provide further details on the case and potential leads. These resources allow the public to familiarize themselves with Jimenez’s appearance and circumstances surrounding the crime, increasing the chances of locating him.

FBI’s Most Wanted List

Overview of the Most Wanted List

The FBI’s Most Wanted List is a compilation of the ten most notorious and dangerous criminals in the United States. These individuals are wanted for various crimes, including murder, terrorism, and organized crime. The list serves to prioritize the capture of these fugitives and elicit public assistance in their apprehension.

Categories of fugitives on the list

The fugitives listed on the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted list belong to different categories of crime. These categories include terrorism, kidnappings, missing persons, bank robbers, and more. Each category highlights a different type of crime, allowing law enforcement to focus their efforts and allocate appropriate resources to target these fugitives.

Other notable fugitives on the list

In addition to Arnoldo Jimenez, there are several other notorious fugitives on the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted list. Some of the notable fugitives include individuals wanted for terrorism, such as Joanne Chesimard and Ayman Al-Zawahiri. Additionally, high-profile fugitives like Alexis Flores and Eugene Palmer are sought for heinous crimes. These fugitives, like Jimenez, are considered a significant threat to society, and the FBI is actively pursuing their capture.

FBI’s Role in Investigations

Explain the FBI’s involvement in fugitive cases

The FBI plays a crucial role in investigating and apprehending fugitives. Its trained agents work in collaboration with other federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to track down and capture dangerous criminals. The expertise and resources of the FBI contribute to the successful resolution of fugitive cases and ensure that justice is served.

Collaboration with local law enforcement agencies

To effectively investigate and capture fugitives, the FBI collaborates closely with local law enforcement agencies. This partnership allows for a seamless and coordinated effort in conducting investigations, sharing information, and apprehending individuals like Arnoldo Jimenez. By combining resources and expertise, law enforcement agencies can maximize their chances of locating and capturing fugitives swiftly.

Importance of public cooperation in locating fugitives

In fugitive cases like Arnoldo Jimenez’s, the public’s cooperation and assistance are invaluable. Law enforcement agencies heavily rely on information provided by the public to obtain leads, identify potential hiding spots, and track down fugitives. It is essential for individuals to report any suspicious activity or information they may have regarding Jimenez. By working together, law enforcement and the public can ensure that dangerous fugitives like Jimenez are swiftly brought to justice.

How the Increased Reward Impacts the Case

Potential impact on the investigation

The increased reward for information leading to the capture of Arnoldo Jimenez is expected to have a significant impact on the investigation. By offering a higher reward, law enforcement hopes to motivate individuals to provide valuable information that can help locate Jimenez. This increased incentive may lead to an influx of tips and could potentially expedite the investigation by providing law enforcement with more leads to pursue.

Encouraging the public to come forward with information

The increased reward sends a clear message to the public – their cooperation and assistance are crucial in capturing dangerous fugitives like Arnoldo Jimenez. Law enforcement agencies encourage individuals who may have any information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, to come forward and report it. By fostering a sense of responsibility and ownership in the case, the public can actively participate in the pursuit of justice.

Potential leads and tips that could arise from the increased reward

By increasing the reward for information on Jimenez’s whereabouts, the FBI anticipates several potential leads and tips to emerge. The public’s increased awareness of the case and the higher incentive to provide information could prompt individuals who have been hesitant to come forward to do so. The increased reward may also encourage individuals who have been withholding information or who have been in contact with Jimenez to come forward and provide vital details to law enforcement.

Next Steps

FBI’s plans for ongoing efforts in capturing Arnoldo Jimenez

The FBI has devised a comprehensive plan to ensure the ongoing efforts to capture Arnoldo Jimenez continue. This plan involves collaboration with local law enforcement agencies, expanding international cooperation, and utilizing available resources and technology. The FBI is committed to exhaustively pursuing all leads and employing all available means to capture Jimenez and bring him to justice.

Cooperation with international law enforcement agencies

Recognizing the possibility that Jimenez may have fled to Mexico, the FBI is actively cooperating with international law enforcement agencies, particularly those in Mexico. The collaboration ensures that resources, intelligence, and leads generated in the pursuit of Jimenez are effectively shared across borders. By working together, the FBI and international counterparts can increase the chances of locating and apprehending Jimenez.

Importance of keeping the case in the public’s attention

In cases like Arnoldo Jimenez’s, it is crucial to keep the case in the public’s attention. By maintaining public awareness and engagement, the chances of receiving valuable tips and information increase significantly. The FBI, along with other law enforcement agencies, will continue to share updates, distribute wanted posters, and utilize various media channels to ensure that Jimenez’s case remains at the forefront of public consciousness. It is through the collective efforts of law enforcement, the public, and the media that fugitives like Jimenez can be successfully captured and brought to justice.