FBI Releases New Age-Enhanced Photo and Offers Reward

FBI releases new age-enhanced photo and offers $20,000 reward for any information on the 20th anniversary of an American boy's kidnapping in Mexico City.

On the eve of the 20th anniversary of an American boy’s kidnapping in Mexico City, the FBI has released a new age-enhanced photo of the individual and is offering a reward of $20,000 for any information leading to his recovery. Joshua Keshaba Sierra Garcia, now 21 years old, was kidnapped when he was just a toddler while visiting Mexico City. The FBI, in collaboration with Mexican law enforcement authorities, has been tirelessly working on the case for two decades. With hopes that the new age-enhanced photo, along with the reward offer, will bring forth crucial information, the FBI remains determined to solve this case and provide closure for Joshua’s family.

FBI Releases New Age-Enhanced Photo and Offers Reward

Background Information


On the eve of the day marking 20 years since Joshua Keshaba Sierra Garcia was kidnapped in Mexico City, the FBI is renewing its efforts to find him. Joshua, an American citizen, was taken from Mexico City when he was just a child, and despite years of investigation, he has yet to be located. In an attempt to generate new leads, the FBI has released a new age-enhanced photo of Joshua and is offering a reward for information leading to his recovery.

20th Anniversary of Joshua’s Kidnapping

Tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of Joshua’s abduction, a significant milestone that emphasizes the urgent need to find him. The FBI is determined to bring closure to his case and provide answers to his family after two decades of uncertainty and grief.

Location of Kidnapping

Joshua’s kidnapping took place in Mexico City, where he was visiting with relatives. The circumstances surrounding his disappearance are deeply troubling, as his 14-year-old babysitter was also tragically murdered during the incident. This heinous crime highlights the urgency of finding Joshua and bringing those responsible to justice.

Babysitter’s Murder

The kidnapping of Joshua was not an isolated incident. Tragically, his babysitter was murdered during the kidnapping, adding another layer of complexity and urgency to this case. The FBI is committed to finding Joshua and seeking justice for both him and his babysitter.

Previous Investigative Steps

Since Joshua’s abduction, extensive investigative efforts have been made both in the United States and in Mexico. Despite these efforts, Joshua remains missing, and his family continues to yearn for answers. The FBI has not given up hope and is determined to exhaust all avenues in the search for Joshua.

Continued Hope for Finding Joshua

Despite the passage of time, the FBI remains hopeful that Joshua can be found and that the truth about his disappearance can be uncovered. The anniversary of his kidnapping serves as a reminder to redouble investigative efforts and pursue new leads that may finally lead to his recovery.

Reward Offer

Reward Amount

The FBI is offering a reward of $20,000 for any information that leads to the safe recovery of Joshua Keshaba Sierra Garcia. This reward serves as an incentive for anyone who may possess vital information about Joshua’s whereabouts to come forward and assist in the investigation.

Eligibility for Reward

Any individual, regardless of nationality, who provides information that leads to the recovery of Joshua and the resolution of this case is eligible for the reward. The FBI encourages anyone who may have information, no matter how insignificant they may think it is, to come forward and aid in the search for Joshua.

Purpose of Reward

The main purpose of the reward is to incentivize individuals to provide valuable information that can help the FBI locate and recover Joshua. By offering a substantial reward, the FBI hopes to encourage cooperation and generate leads that may lead to the resolution of this heartbreaking case.

Role of Public in Claiming Reward

The public plays a crucial role in claiming the reward. It is essential for individuals with information to come forward and provide the necessary details that can aid in locating Joshua. The FBI strongly urges anyone with relevant information to contact them, as their cooperation could be instrumental in bringing closure to this case and providing comfort to Joshua’s family.

Description of Joshua Keshaba Sierra Garcia

Age and Birthplace

Joshua Keshaba Sierra Garcia was born in Los Angeles, California, and was just a toddler at the time of his kidnapping. As we approach the 20th anniversary of his disappearance, Joshua would now be 21 years old. It is crucial to keep in mind that individuals change significantly over time, and the age-enhanced photo released by the FBI provides an approximation of what Joshua may look like today.

Physical Appearance

Joshua is described as a Hispanic male with black hair and brown eyes. At the time of his disappearance, he was approximately 3 feet tall and weighed between 25-28 pounds. As time progresses, his physical appearance may have changed significantly. The age-enhanced photo should serve as a guide for individuals to recognize Joshua based on his approximate current appearance.

Clothing at the Time of Kidnapping

When Joshua was last seen, he was wearing a gray sweatshirt, blue shorts, and sandals. While the clothing may have changed over the years, it is important to note these specific details to aid in the identification of Joshua.

Unique Identifying Features

Aside from his physical appearance, Joshua has pierced ears. This distinguishing characteristic could prove valuable in identifying him. The age-enhanced photo released by the FBI provides an approximation of Joshua’s appearance, including any possible changes that might have occurred due to aging or other factors.

Investigation Details

Agencies Involved in the Investigation

The investigation into Joshua’s kidnapping involves both the FBI and Mexican law enforcement authorities. These agencies have been working collaboratively to gather information, pursue leads, and bring resolution to this case. Their shared efforts are crucial in organizing a comprehensive and coordinated search for Joshua.

Timeline of Investigation

Since Joshua’s abduction 20 years ago, law enforcement agencies have been working diligently to uncover information that may lead to his recovery. The investigation has spanned years and involved a multitude of investigative techniques. Despite the challenges encountered, the FBI and Mexican law enforcement remain committed to finding Joshua.

Progress Made in the Case

Throughout the course of the investigation, significant progress has been made. The apprehension and imprisonment of one of the kidnappers by Mexican law enforcement authorities is a testament to the relentless pursuit of justice in this case. While Joshua has not yet been found, these developments demonstrate the dedication and resources committed to bringing him home.

Remaining Challenges in the Investigation

Despite the progress made, numerous challenges persist in the investigation into Joshua’s kidnapping. The passage of time, changing circumstances, and potential geographical barriers present obstacles to locating him. However, the FBI is resolved to overcome these challenges and tirelessly continue the search for Joshua, using every available resource at their disposal.

New Age-Enhanced Photo

Purpose of Age-Enhanced Photo

The release of a new age-enhanced photo of Joshua serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it provides the public with an updated depiction of what Joshua may look like today. Secondly, it helps individuals recognize Joshua if they encounter someone who resembles the age-progression photo. The age-enhanced photo serves as a vital tool in generating leads and generating interest in the case.

Availability of Photo on fbi.gov

The age-enhanced photo of Joshua is available on the official FBI website, fbi.gov. Its accessibility aims to garner public engagement and foster awareness of Joshua’s case. By making the photo easily accessible, the FBI hopes to reach a broad audience and increase the chances of someone recognizing Joshua.

Accessing the Photo in English and Spanish

To ensure the widest possible reach, the age-enhanced photo of Joshua is available in both English and Spanish. This caters to the diverse audience of the investigation and emphasizes the collaborative nature of the search. Regardless of language preference, individuals can access the photo and contribute to the search for Joshua.

Contact Information

FBI Los Angeles Field Office

For anyone with information about Joshua’s disappearance, the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office can be contacted at (310) 477-6565. The dedicated agents and officers at this office are available to receive any information that may aid in the investigation and help bring Joshua home.

Anonymous Tip Submission

Anonymous tips can be submitted through the FBI’s official website, tips.fbi.gov. This avenue provides individuals with the option to provide information while remaining anonymous. The FBI recognizes that some individuals may have concerns for their safety or prefer to maintain their privacy, and this anonymous tip submission system allows them to contribute to the investigation discreetly.

Local FBI Offices

In addition to contacting the Los Angeles Field Office, individuals can also reach out to their local FBI offices for assistance or to provide information. These local offices are equipped to handle inquiries and relay any information received to the relevant investigative teams.

Contacting American Embassies or Consulates

Anyone located overseas can contact the nearest American Embassy or Consulate for assistance in providing information related to Joshua’s case. These diplomatic entities can help facilitate communication with the appropriate law enforcement agencies involved in the investigation.

Collaboration with Mexican Law Enforcement

Joint Efforts between FBI and Mexican Authorities

Throughout the investigation, the FBI has collaborated closely with Mexican law enforcement authorities. Recognizing the international nature of this case, the partnership between these two entities has been crucial in sharing resources, information, and expertise. The close coordination between the FBI and Mexican authorities is a testament to the commitment to solving this case and seeking justice.

Impact of Collaboration on Investigation

The collaboration between the FBI and Mexican law enforcement has had a significant impact on the investigation into Joshua’s kidnapping. By pooling their resources, intelligence, and investigative techniques, these agencies have been able to make progress and unravel key details surrounding the case. The joint efforts have allowed for a more comprehensive search and a broader range of investigative options.

Challenges in International Cooperation

International cooperation in law enforcement cases can present various challenges. Differences in legal systems, language barriers, and logistical hurdles can complicate the exchange of information and hinder progress. However, the FBI and Mexican law enforcement have demonstrated resilience and determination in overcoming these challenges to collaborate effectively.

Importance of Information Sharing

Information sharing between the FBI and Mexican law enforcement is paramount in Joshua’s case. The two agencies rely on each other’s knowledge and expertise to bridge any gaps in the investigation. The continuous flow of information ensures that all leads are pursued, increasing the chances of finding Joshua and holding those responsible accountable.

FBI’s Efforts to Find Joshua

Past Investigative Techniques Used

Over the course of two decades, the FBI has employed a wide range of investigative techniques in the search for Joshua. These techniques include interviews, analysis of evidence, forensic analysis, surveillance, and partnerships with local authorities. The FBI’s extensive experience and expertise guide their efforts to uncover new leads and gather vital information.

Additional Investigation Techniques

Recognizing the need for innovation in the search for Joshua, the FBI continues to explore new avenues and develop new investigative techniques. As technology and investigative practices evolve, the FBI adapts its approach to ensure every opportunity is explored. Harnessing the power of data analysis, advanced forensics, and emerging technologies plays a crucial role in the ongoing search for Joshua.

Commitment to Not Giving Up

The FBI’s commitment to finding Joshua is unwavering. Despite the challenges faced in this convoluted case, the dedication and perseverance of the FBI agents and investigators involved remain steadfast. They refuse to give up on Joshua and will continue their pursuit of truth and justice, no matter how long it takes.

Mission to Solve the Case for Joshua’s Family

Central to the FBI’s efforts is the understanding of the profound impact this case has had on Joshua’s family. The pain, uncertainty, and longing they have endured for the past 20 years drive the FBI’s determination to solve this case. Providing answers and closure to Joshua’s family is at the core of the FBI’s mission in finding him.

A Plea to the Public

The FBI appeals to the public, both domestically and internationally, to aid in the search for Joshua. Anyone with even the slightest piece of information may hold the key to resolving this case. The FBI reminds the public that no detail is too small and encourages them to come forward with anything that could potentially contribute to the investigation.


Summary of Key Points

As we approach the 20th anniversary of Joshua Keshaba Sierra Garcia’s kidnapping, the FBI renews its efforts to locate and recover him. The release of a new age-enhanced photo, along with a reward of $20,000, aims to generate new leads and provide fresh avenues of investigation. Collaborative efforts between the FBI and Mexican law enforcement, along with the commitment of the public, are vital in solving this case.

Importance of Continued Efforts

The search for Joshua represents a search for truth, closure, and justice. The FBI remains steadfast in its commitment to finding him, and the passage of time only intensifies the need to bring resolution to this heartbreaking case. The continued dedication of law enforcement agencies, the support of the public, and the application of cutting-edge investigative techniques offer hope for Joshua’s recovery.

Hope for Finding Joshua

While the search for Joshua has been arduous and complex, hope still remains. The FBI, in partnership with Mexican law enforcement, urges the public to come forward with any information that could aid in locating Joshua. The significance of the 20th anniversary of his kidnapping serves as a reminder of the urgency and importance of resolving this case. By working together, we can bring Joshua home and provide the closure his family so desperately needs.