Fmr. Dallas County Sheriff’s Employee Sentenced for Stealing $250k From Jail’s Commissary Fund

Former Dallas County Sheriff's employee sentenced to prison for stealing $250k from jail's commissary fund. Learn about the charges, investigation details, and the importance of safeguarding government funds.

A former employee of the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office has been sentenced to nearly three years in federal prison for stealing over $250,000 from the jail’s commissary fund. Umeka Treymane Myers, who worked as a supervisor at the inmate property vault, embezzled the funds by creating duplicate debit cards using the book-in numbers of released inmates. She used these fraudulent cards to make purchases in multiple states, as confirmed by various records. Myers pleaded guilty to the charges and has been ordered to pay restitution. This case highlights the importance of safeguarding government funds and maintaining the credibility of public servants.


Former Dallas County Sheriff’s Employee

A former employee of the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office has been involved in a significant theft from the jail’s commissary fund. This individual, Umeka Treymane Myers, was entrusted with the responsibility of managing inmate property and handling refunding processes.

Sentencing and Charges

Sentenced to Almost Three Years in Federal Prison

After being charged via a criminal information, Umeka Treymane Myers pleaded guilty to theft from a program receiving federal funds. As a result, she has been sentenced to nearly three years in federal prison.

Charged Via Criminal Information

Umeka Treymane Myers faced charges through a criminal information, which outlines the offenses committed and the associated penalties.

Pleaded Guilty to Theft

Recognizing her wrongdoing, Umeka Treymane Myers pleaded guilty to the charges of theft from the program receiving federal funds.

Ordered to Pay Restitution

In addition to the prison sentence, Chief U.S. District Judge David Godbey has ordered Umeka Treymane Myers to pay $429,640.66 in restitution. This compensation is to reimburse the stolen funds to the jail’s commissary fund.

Repercussions and Commentary

Damaging Credibility of Civil Servants

Umeka Treymane Myers’ actions not only betrayed the trust placed in her as a former Dallas County Sheriff’s Office employee but also risked damaging the credibility of hard-working civil servants. This kind of misconduct undermines public confidence in the integrity and honesty of those serving in government roles.

Cooperation of Dallas County

Dallas County has exhibited commendable cooperation in addressing this case of theft from the jail’s commissary fund. By actively assisting in the investigation and prosecution, Dallas County demonstrates its commitment to rooting out greed and corruption within programs funded by taxpayer money.

Rooting Out Greed and Corruption

The sentencing and charges against Umeka Treymane Myers serve as a clear message that greed and corruption within civil service will not be tolerated. The justice system, in collaboration with government agencies and law enforcement, is committed to identifying and holding accountable those who engage in fraudulent activities.

Description of the Crime

Supervisor at Inmate Property Vault

Umeka Treymane Myers held a supervisory position at the inmate property vault within the Lew Sterrett Justice Center. This role involved managing the refund process for inmates’ commissary account balances.

Process for Refunding Inmate’s Commissary Account Balances

When an inmate’s commissary account balance exceeded $30, the property vault employees issued debit cards generated by software from the Keef Group to provide the remaining funds to the inmate upon release.

Error Processing Debit Cards

In the event of an error while processing a debit card, the software generated an error message that only a lead clerk or supervisor, such as Umeka Treymane Myers, could clear.

Creation of New and Duplicate Debit Cards

Umeka Treymane Myers took advantage of her position of authority to commit the theft. After overriding a debit card error, she used the released inmates’ book-in numbers to create new and duplicate debit cards. The same amount on the card issued to the released inmate was transferred onto the newly created card.

Timeline of Fraudulent Activity

Years of Fraudulent Debit Card Issuance

Between 2018 and 2021, Umeka Treymane Myers fraudulently issued dozens of debit cards. This prolonged period of fraudulent activity indicates a significant breach of trust and a considerable financial loss for the jail’s commissary fund.

Locations and Expenditure Verification

Umeka Treymane Myers utilized the fraudulently obtained debit cards in various locations, including Texas, Louisiana, Nevada, Maryland, and New York. The verification of her expenditures was confirmed through extensive records, including casino records from Winstar, Choctaw, and Margaritaville, Southwest Airlines records, Bank of America ATM surveillance footage, and personal bank records.

Prison Sentence and Reporting Date

Sentenced to 33 Months in Prison

Umeka Treymane Myers has been sentenced to serve 33 months in federal prison. This punishment reflects the severity of the theft committed and acts as a deterrent for similar fraudulent activities.

Ordered to Report on September 11, 2023

To commence her prison sentence, Umeka Treymane Myers has been ordered to report to prison on Monday, September 11, 2023. This date marks the beginning of her term of incarceration.

Investigation Details

Conducted by the FBI’s Dallas Field Office

The investigation into the theft from the jail’s commissary fund was undertaken by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Dallas Field Office. This federal agency, known for its expertise in conducting criminal investigations, ensured a thorough examination of the case.

Cooperation of Dallas County Sheriff’s Office

Dallas County Sheriff’s Office provided full cooperation throughout the investigation. By actively assisting the FBI’s Dallas Field Office, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office demonstrated its commitment to upholding justice.


Assistant U.S. Attorney Marcus Busch

Assistant U.S. Attorney Marcus Busch played a crucial role in prosecuting the case against Umeka Treymane Myers. With their expertise in federal law and prosecution, Assistant U.S. Attorney Marcus Busch sought to secure justice for the theft from the jail’s commissary fund.

Contact Information

Press Officer: Erin Dooley

For media inquiries or further information about the case, individuals can contact Erin Dooley, the designated press officer.

Phone number: 214-659-8707

To reach Erin Dooley, individuals can utilize the provided phone number for prompt assistance and information related to the case.

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