Orange County Lawyer Agrees to Plead Guilty to Multimillion-Dollar Fraud

Discover the shocking case involving an Orange County lawyer who pleads guilty to defrauding investors of over $8 million. Learn more here.

In a startling case of financial fraud, an Orange County lawyer has agreed to plead guilty to charges of defrauding investors of over $8 million in a loan program. Sara Jacqueline King, a Newport Beach lawyer, used her investors’ funds to support a lavish lifestyle and gamble at Las Vegas casinos, instead of funding the promised loans. King operated a company that claimed to provide short-term, high-interest loans to professional athletes, celebrities, and high-net-worth individuals, securing the loans with collateral such as designer handbags, luxury cars, and earnings from sports contracts. As the investigation unfolds, King’s fraudulent activities are being brought to light, leaving her victims reeling from substantial financial losses.

Orange County Lawyer Agrees to Plead Guilty to Multimillion-Dollar Fraud

Background Information

The case involving Orange County lawyer Sara Jacqueline King has recently come to light, revealing a multimillion-dollar fraud that has caused severe financial losses to numerous investors. King, who operated King Family Lending LLC, a company based in Newport Beach, California, is facing charges of wire fraud and money laundering. Through her fraudulent scheme, King convinced investors to fund her business on the false promise that their investments would be used to provide short-term, high-interest loans to wealthy individuals, including professional athletes and celebrities. However, instead of using the funds for their intended purpose, King misappropriated the money to finance her own extravagant lifestyle, resulting in significant losses for the investors.

Charges Filed Against Sara Jacqueline King

The charges against Sara Jacqueline King include wire fraud and money laundering. Wire fraud refers to the act of utilizing electronic communication, such as phone calls or emails, to deceive individuals and obtain money or property through false pretenses. In this case, King misled investors about the nature and purpose of their investments, leading them to believe that their funds would be used for legitimate loan programs. Money laundering, on the other hand, involves the process of concealing tainted funds to appear as if they were obtained from legitimate sources. King is facing serious legal consequences as a result of her fraudulent activities, which have caused significant financial harm to the victims involved.

King’s Initial Court Appearance

Sara Jacqueline King’s initial court appearance is scheduled to take place on June 20. During this proceeding, the court will address the charges against her, and King will have an opportunity to enter a plea. Given the evidence against her, it is likely that she will plead guilty to the charges. If she does plead guilty, the court will proceed with determining an appropriate sentence. The potential sentencing for King could include a substantial period of incarceration, as well as fines and restitution to the victims. The outcome of King’s initial court appearance will set the stage for further proceedings and legal actions related to the case.

Description of King’s Company

King Family Lending LLC, the company operated by Sara Jacqueline King, was based in Newport Beach, California. The company purportedly offered short-term, high-interest loans to professional athletes, celebrities, and high-net-worth individuals. The loans were supposedly secured by collateral, including designer handbags, watches, luxury automobiles, yachts, and guaranteed sports contracts. King used her company to attract investors by promising them that their funds would be used to support these loan programs. However, as later revealed, the company was merely a front for King’s fraudulent activities, and no legitimate loans were issued by the company.

Recruitment of Investors

King embarked on a recruitment campaign to attract investors to fund her business’s supposed loan program. This recruitment process took place between January 2022 and January 2023. King utilized various methods to entice potential investors, including making appeals to their desire for high returns on their investments. She targeted individuals who were willing to invest in what seemed like a lucrative opportunity, pledging that their investments would be secured by the same collateral as the loans themselves. The recruitment of investors was a crucial aspect of King’s scheme, as it provided her with the necessary funds to sustain her fraudulent activities.

False Promises Made to Investors

To lure in investors, King made a series of false promises regarding their investments. She claimed that their funds would be secured by the collateral associated with the loans, providing a sense of security to potential investors. Additionally, King assured investors that she would retain possession of the collateral and use it to pay them in full in the event of a borrower’s default. She emphasized that the investors would receive a percentage of the interest earned from the loans, along with their initial investment. These promises were all deceptive and aimed at instilling trust in the investors, leading them to believe in the legitimacy of King’s business.

King’s Misappropriation of Funds

Instead of using the investor funds for their intended purpose, King engaged in a series of fraudulent activities, misappropriating the money for her personal benefit. She gambled with a significant portion of the funds at Las Vegas casinos, enjoying a lavish lifestyle fueled by the misappropriated funds. King’s actions demonstrate a blatant disregard for the trust and confidence placed in her by investors. By diverting the funds meant for legitimate loans, she not only caused severe financial losses to the investors but also violated their trust and confidence in her as a legal professional.

Losses Incurred by Investors

As a result of Sara Jacqueline King’s fraudulent scheme, multiple investors have suffered substantial financial losses. The exact number of affected investors is yet to be disclosed. However, it is known that at least five investors have lost over $8 million as a direct result of King’s actions. The impact on these investors has been severe, with the loss of their investment funds causing financial instability and uncertainty. These individuals placed their trust and confidence in King, only to be deceived and manipulated for her personal gain. The losses incurred by the investors highlight the devastating consequences of financial fraud.

Restitution Amount Agreed Upon

Sara Jacqueline King has agreed that the applicable restitution amount in this case is at least $8,785,045. This amount reflects the funds misappropriated by King, which contributed to the significant financial losses experienced by the investors. Restitution aims to compensate the victims for their losses and restore them to the financial position they were in before the fraud occurred. The agreed-upon restitution amount is significant, reflecting the magnitude of the financial harm caused by King’s actions. Restitution serves as a vital component of the legal response to the fraud, providing some measure of justice and financial recovery to the victims.

Purchase of Luxury Car with Investor Money

In a clear demonstration of her disregard for the investors’ interests, Sara Jacqueline King used a portion of the misappropriated funds to purchase a luxury car. Specifically, she withdrew approximately $132,156 from King Family Lending’s bank account to acquire a Porsche Taycan electric sports car. This purchase exemplifies King’s flagrant misuse of the investor funds for personal gain and luxury. It further underscores the extent to which she abused the trust placed in her by the investors, using their hard-earned money to finance her extravagant lifestyle instead of supporting legitimate loan programs.

Investigation by FBI and IRS

The fraudulent activities of Sara Jacqueline King came to the attention of law enforcement agencies, specifically the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The FBI and IRS Criminal Investigation launched an investigation into King’s activities, aiming to gather evidence and build a strong case against her. The collaboration between these federal agencies demonstrates the seriousness of the charges and the commitment to holding King accountable for her actions. The progress of the investigation will determine the extent of the charges filed against King and provide insight into additional evidence that may be uncovered, further strengthening the case against her.