Las Vegas Police Officer Convicted Of Committing Three Casino Robberies

Get the details of the shocking case involving a Las Vegas police officer convicted of robbing three casinos at gunpoint, facing a lengthy prison sentence.

In a recent case that has shocked the community, a Las Vegas police officer has been convicted of committing three casino robberies. Caleb Mitchell Rogers, a member of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD), was found guilty of robbing three separate casinos and stealing a total of around $164,000. The evidence presented during the trial revealed that Rogers carried out the robberies by approaching the casino cashiers and demanding money at gunpoint. He also physically assaulted and threatened employees during one of the incidents. Rogers now faces the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence for his crimes.


Las Vegas Police Officer Convicted Of Committing Three Casino Robberies

Background Information

Las Vegas is known for its vibrant casino culture, attracting millions of tourists each year. However, amidst the glitz and glamour, there are also instances of crime that occur within the city. In a shocking turn of events, a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) officer has been convicted of committing three casino robberies. The officer in question, Caleb Mitchell Rogers, was found guilty of three counts of interference with commerce by robbery and one count of brandishing a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence. The jury’s decision was made after a four-day trial overseen by United States District Judge Andrew P. Gordon. Rogers is now awaiting sentencing, which has been scheduled for October 12, 2023.

Case Details

During the trial, compelling evidence was presented that implicated Officer Caleb Mitchell Rogers in the series of casino robberies. The robberies took place on November 12, 2021, January 6, 2022, and February 27, 2022. In the first incident, Rogers stole approximately $73,810 from a casino in the western part of Las Vegas. Two months later, he targeted another casino in North Las Vegas, making off with around $11,500. In both cases, he approached the cashier cage and demanded money from the cashiers. The third and most alarming robbery occurred on February 27, 2022. Rogers ran toward two casino employees in the sportsbook area, brandishing a gun and threatening to shoot them if they didn’t comply. He forcefully took approximately $78,898 from the casino before attempting to flee. However, Rogers was apprehended by a casino security officer who tackled him to the ground. During the confrontation, Rogers drew his firearm and threatened the security officer with it. Fortunately, security officers were able to disarm Rogers and restrain him until the arrival of LVMPD officers, who subsequently arrested him.

Robbery Techniques

Officer Caleb Mitchell Rogers utilized a specific set of techniques during each of the casino robberies. His approach involved directly targeting the casino’s cashier cage, where he demanded money from the cashiers. In the first two incidents, no physical violence was employed. However, in the third and most recent robbery, Rogers resorted to threatening the casino employees with a gun. This display of force highlights the escalating nature of his criminal activities.

Arrest and Seizure

Rogers’ criminal activities came to an end when a casino security officer intervened during his third robbery attempt. The security officer bravely tackled Rogers, bringing him to the ground. In the ensuing struggle, Rogers was disarmed and restrained by security officers until the LVMPD officers arrived at the scene. The officers promptly arrested Rogers and seized the firearm that he had used to threaten the casino employees. A crucial discovery was made during this process – the firearm in question belonged to the LVMPD, indicating that Rogers had used his service weapon during the commission of the crimes.


Given the severity and audacity of the crimes committed by Officer Rogers, multiple law enforcement agencies were involved in the investigation. Both the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the LVMPD worked together to gather evidence and build a strong case against Rogers. The collaborative efforts of these agencies were instrumental in ensuring a thorough investigation and a successful prosecution.


The United States Attorney for the District of Nevada, Jason M. Frierson, oversaw the prosecution of Officer Caleb Mitchell Rogers. Assistant United States Attorneys Dan Cowhig and David Kiebler were primarily responsible for presenting the case against Rogers during the trial. Their expertise and dedication played a pivotal role in securing the conviction of Rogers on multiple counts related to the casino robberies.


Officer Caleb Mitchell Rogers is set to be sentenced on October 12, 2023. The potential penalties for the crimes he has been convicted of are significant. For each count of interference with commerce by robbery, Rogers faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. Additionally, brandishing a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence carries a potential life imprisonment sentence. The final sentencing decision will be made by United States District Judge Andrew P. Gordon, taking into account the severity of the crimes and any relevant mitigating factors.

Contact Information

For further information or inquiries about the case, individuals can reach out to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Nevada. The office can be contacted through the following phone numbers: Las Vegas – 702-388-6336, Reno – 775-784-5438. To stay connected with the office and receive updates on important developments, individuals can follow their social media channels and visit their official website. It is crucial for the community to stay informed and engaged in order to promote justice and safety in the Las Vegas area.

In conclusion, the conviction of Officer Caleb Mitchell Rogers for committing three casino robberies has sent shockwaves through Las Vegas. The audacity and brazenness of his actions highlight the importance of upholding the rule of law and ensuring the integrity of law enforcement agencies. The collaborative efforts of the FBI and the LVMPD, as well as the dedicated work of the prosecuting attorneys, have successfully brought Rogers to justice. As the legal process progresses towards sentencing, it is essential to maintain vigilance and support the pursuit of justice in our communities.