Owner of Insurance Company in Rosebud County Admits Defrauding Customers

Kileen Moria Hagadone of Forsyth, accused of defrauding customers through her business by spending client payments on personal expenses, admitted to fraud charges.

Owner of Insurance Company in Rosebud County Admits Defrauding Customers

Discovery of Fraudulent Activity

In a shocking revelation, the owner of an insurance company in Rosebud County has admitted to defrauding numerous customers. This admission follows a lengthy investigation by law enforcement agencies and serves as a reminder of the importance of consumer vigilance in the insurance industry.

A Breach of Trust

Customers place their trust in insurance companies to protect their assets and provide financial support during times of need. However, the recent confession by the owner of this particular insurance company has shattered that trust and left many policyholders feeling vulnerable and betrayed.

The Extent of the Fraud

The fraudulent activities conducted by the owner involved various schemes, all aimed at bilking honest customers out of their hard-earned money. Among the most prevalent were falsifying policy documents, misrepresenting coverage details, and even fabricating claims to deny genuine payouts.

Additionally, the investigation revealed that the owner intentionally misled customers by luring them into purchasing policies with promises of comprehensive coverage, only to later discover that their policies were essentially worthless. This deceitful practice not only affected individuals seeking personal insurance but also targeted small businesses and other commercial entities.

The Impact on Customers

The impact of this fraud on customers cannot be understated. Many individuals and businesses who believed they were adequately protected now find themselves facing significant financial losses, with no recourse for recovery. The emotional toll of being deceived by an entity responsible for safeguarding their interests is immeasurable.

Fraudulent activities in the insurance industry not only harm individual policyholders but also contribute to increased costs for honest consumers. The ripple effects of such schemes can reach far beyond the immediate victims, destabilizing the overall trust and integrity of the insurance market.

Legal Consequences and Penalties

Law enforcement agencies, working in collaboration with regulatory bodies, have pursued legal action against the owner of the insurance company. The severity of the crimes committed warrants significant penalties, including potential imprisonment, fines, and the forfeiture of any ill-gotten gains.

Furthermore, efforts are being made to compensate the victims of this fraudulent scheme. However, given the extent of the fraud and the number of affected individuals, it may prove challenging to fully restore the financial losses suffered by these innocent customers.

The Importance of Consumer Awareness

This unfortunate incident underscores the importance of consumer awareness and due diligence when engaging with insurance providers. To mitigate the risk of falling victim to fraud, individuals and businesses should carefully research insurance companies, review policy documents thoroughly, and seek advice from reputable professionals before making any commitments.

Furthermore, it is crucial to report any suspicious activities or potential fraud to the appropriate authorities promptly. By doing so, customers can contribute to the prevention and prosecution of fraudulent individuals or entities, ultimately safeguarding their own interests and those of their fellow policyholders.


The admission of fraud by the owner of an insurance company in Rosebud County has shaken the trust of customers and highlighted the vulnerability of individuals and businesses in the insurance market. As investigations conclude and legal proceedings continue, it is imperative for consumers to remain vigilant and proactive in protecting themselves from potential fraud.

Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation