South Florida Resident Pleads Guilty to Threatening Election Workers

South Florida resident pleads guilty to threatening election workers in a shocking incident. Learn about the incident, legal proceedings, and potential consequences in this comprehensive overview. #ElectionSecurity

In a federal district court, Joshua David Lubitz, a resident of Sunrise, Florida pleaded guilty to threatening election workers during a federal primary election held in August 2022. Lubitz was overheard making threats and gestures towards the workers inside a polling station, suggesting potential harm and violence. The incident occurred at the Sunrise Senior Center, where Lubitz was heard counting the workers and contemplating whether to harm them individually or blow up the entire place. He also expressed that his father would approve and that it would be an easy task. Lubitz will face sentencing on July 25, and may receive up to five years in prison. The announcement was made by U.S Attorney Markenzy Lapointe and Special Agent in Charge Jeffrey B. Veltri of the FBI Miami Field Office.

South Florida Resident Pleads Guilty to Threatening Election Workers


In a shocking incident, a South Florida resident named Joshua David Lubitz, pleaded guilty to threatening election workers during a federal primary election held in August 2022. The incident took place at a polling station located within the Sunrise Senior Center. Lubitz made threatening statements towards the election workers and even gestured in a threatening manner towards them. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the incident, the legal proceedings, and the potential consequences for Lubitz.

Incident Details

The incident occurred on August 17, 2022, at the Sunrise Senior Center in South Florida. Lubitz was inside the polling station and was overheard counti≥election workers, followed by disturbing statements such as “should I kill them one by one or should I blow the place up.” He also made references to his father and mentioned that he would find it easy to carry out the actions he was contemplating. After leaving the center, Lubitz extended his arm towards two poll workers in the parking lot and made a threatening gesture towards them with his hand.

Law Enforcement Response

Law enforcement agencies swiftly responded to the incident. The FBI Miami Field Office took charge of the investigation. The local police were also involved in gathering evidence and witnesses testimony. The agencies were able to identify Lubitz as the suspect based on witness descriptions and video footage from the polling station.

Legal Proceedings

Lubitz appeared in federal district court and pleaded guilty to the charges of threatening election workers. As part of a plea agreement, he admitted to his actions and expressed remorse. The court set a sentencing date for July 25, and Lubitz faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

During the court proceedings, both the prosecution and defense presented their arguments. The prosecution highlighted the seriousness of the threat and the potential harm it could have caused to election workers and the democratic process. The defense emphasized Lubitz’s lack of prior criminal record and his genuine remorse for his actions.

Sentencing and Potential Consequences

The sentencing date has been set for July 25, at which point the court will consider various factors in determining the appropriate punishment for Lubitz. The judge will take into account the threat posed by Lubitz, his intentions, and the potential harm caused to the election workers and the integrity of the election process.

If found guilty, Lubitz faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison. In addition to imprisonment, the judge may also impose fines and other penalties as deemed necessary. The potential consequences for Lubitz are severe and will have a lasting impact on his life.

Importance of Election Security

This incident highlights the critical importance of election security and the need to protect election workers. Election workers play a crucial role in ensuring fair and transparent elections. Their safety and security are paramount to maintaining public trust in the electoral process.

Impact on Election Workers

The incident has had a significant impact on the individuals targeted by Lubitz’s threats. Election workers have been subjected to psychological and emotional trauma as a result of the incident. The threat to their safety has led to increased security measures at polling stations to ensure their protection.

Efforts are underway to provide support to the affected election workers. Counseling services and resources are being made available to help them cope with the emotional and psychological consequences of the incident. Additionally, measures are being implemented to enhance the safety and security of election workers in future elections.

Public Reaction and Concerns

The incident has sparked public concern and raised questions about the overall security of elections. The threat posed by individuals like Lubitz undermines public confidence in the electoral process and raises concerns about the potential for voter intimidation and violence.

It is crucial for law enforcement agencies and election officials to address these concerns and take necessary measures to ensure the safety and security of election workers and the integrity of elections. Public awareness campaigns and education programs can also help in raising awareness about the importance of election security and the role played by election workers.


The guilty plea of Joshua David Lubitz for threatening election workers in South Florida has shed light on the critical issue of election security. Incidents like these serve as reminders of the importance of safeguarding the electoral process and ensuring the safety and well-being of election workers. It is imperative that individuals who threaten the integrity of elections face appropriate legal penalties and that measures are taken to prevent such incidents in the future. The sentencing of Lubitz will hopefully send a strong message regarding the seriousness of these offenses and the consequences they carry.