Teacher’s Assistant Pleads Guilty to Production of Child Pornography

Learn about a disturbing case in which a teacher's assistant pleads guilty to producing child pornography. This article provides an overview of the case, investigation details, charges and plea, impact on victims, sentencing, law enforcement response, prosecution, and a statement from the U.S. Attorney. The article emphasizes the importance of protecting children and holding predators accountable.

In a disturbing case that highlights the exploitation of children, a teacher’s assistant in Little Rock, Arkansas has pleaded guilty to three counts of production of child pornography. Augustus “Gus” Shenker, 22, was initially charged in May 2021 after FBI investigators received a cyber tip about Shenker possessing videos containing child pornography. Further investigation revealed that Shenker had created six videos in a preschool classroom where he worked, showing him touching a young child inappropriately. In addition to these self-produced videos, law enforcement also discovered over a thousand images of child sexual abuse on Shenker’s phone and other devices. The guilty plea serves as a somber reminder of the critical importance of protecting children from predators and holding those responsible accountable for their heinous actions.

Teacher’s Assistant Pleads Guilty to Production of Child Pornography


In a shocking case that has rocked the community, a teacher’s assistant at Miss Selma’s School in Little Rock, Arkansas, has pled guilty to three counts of production of child pornography. Augustus “Gus” Shenker, 22, was initially charged in May 2021 and indicted in June 2021. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the case, including background information, details of the investigation, the charges and plea, the impact on victims, the upcoming sentencing, the law enforcement response, and the role of the prosecution. Finally, a statement from the U.S. Attorney will be included, followed by a conclusion highlighting the importance of protecting children from exploitation.


Shenker was employed as a teacher’s assistant at Miss Selma’s School in Little Rock. This early education school caters to children ranging from 18 months old to fifth grade. As a trusted member of the educational staff, Shenker had access to and responsibility for the well-being of numerous young children in his care.


The investigation into Shenker’s activities began when the FBI received a cyber tip in May 2021. The tip revealed that a Dropbox user named Augustus Shenker, using an email address containing his name, possessed seven videos containing child pornography. The FBI quickly identified Shenker’s address and learned that he was employed at Miss Selma’s School.

Based on this information, FBI agents obtained a search warrant for Shenker’s home. They also made contact with him at the school where he worked, seizing his iPhone and informing him that a search warrant was being executed at his residence. During an interview with law enforcement, Shenker admitted to having a past problem with child pornography but claimed that he no longer viewed such material. He also verified that the email address and Dropbox account mentioned in the cyber tip belonged to him.

Upon searching Shenker’s residence, investigators discovered six videos created in March 2021. These videos depicted Shenker touching the buttocks and vagina of a preschool-age child in a classroom at Miss Selma’s School. Furthermore, a hidden folder on Shenker’s iPhone contained 19 additional videos, all recorded in the same preschool classroom. Several of these videos clearly showed Shenker’s face. Additionally, law enforcement found over a thousand images of child sexual abuse on Shenker’s phone and other devices.

Charges and Plea

Shenker was initially charged on May 18, 2021, in a criminal complaint following the cyber tip received by the FBI. Subsequently, on June 1, 2021, a federal grand jury returned an indictment, charging Shenker with 22 counts of production of child pornography and one count of possession of child pornography.

On Tuesday, Shenker entered a guilty plea before United States District Judge Lee P. Rudofsky. Specifically, he pled guilty to three counts of production of child pornography. The guilty plea narrows down the charges against Shenker, resulting in a more focused and expedited legal process.

Impact on Victims

The videos created by Shenker and discovered during the investigation depict acts of abuse against young children in the preschool classroom where he worked. The specific details of the abuse have not been disclosed to the public in order to protect the victims’ identities and spare them further trauma. However, it is evident that the children involved experienced varying degrees of harm and exploitation at the hands of Shenker.

While the exact number of victims remains undisclosed, law enforcement has been working diligently to identify and support all children affected by Shenker’s actions. Immediate and ongoing support services, including counseling and therapy, have been made available to the victims and their families. Efforts are being made to ensure that these children receive the care, treatment, and resources necessary for their recovery and well-being.


Shenker’s sentencing is pending and will be determined by Judge Rudofsky at a later date. The specific date for sentencing has not been disclosed. However, it is worth noting that the charges Shenker pled guilty to, three counts of production of child pornography, carry severe penalties under federal law.

Upon sentencing, Shenker will face potential imprisonment, as well as additional legal consequences determined by the court. The exact extent of the penalties will be determined by various factors, including the severity of the crimes committed, any relevant criminal history, and the impact on the victims. The court’s decision in this case will send a strong message about the seriousness of child exploitation offenses.

Law Enforcement Response

The investigation into Augustus Shenker’s crimes was undertaken by the FBI Little Rock Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Task Force, in collaboration with local law enforcement agencies. This multi-agency task force is dedicated to investigating and prosecuting individuals involved in child exploitation and human trafficking.

The FBI’s involvement in this case highlights the agency’s commitment and expertise in addressing the sexual exploitation of children. The collaboration between federal and local law enforcement agencies enhances the effectiveness and resources available to combat such heinous crimes, protecting the most vulnerable members of society.

Efforts to identify and prosecute child predators, like Shenker, continue to serve as a critical layer of defense against child exploitation. Law enforcement agencies, both at the federal and local levels, work tirelessly to investigate these crimes, bring perpetrators to justice, and safeguard children from further harm.


Assistant United States Attorney Kristin Bryant has been assigned to prosecute the case against Augustus Shenker. Her role includes ensuring that justice is served, advocating for the rights of the victims, and presenting a strong and compelling case during legal proceedings.

The legal process and proceedings surrounding the case against Shenker will involve gathering and presenting evidence related to the charges brought against him. These proceedings will take place within a court of law and adhere to all relevant legal procedures and protections. The prosecution’s role is to present a compelling argument supported by the evidence, with the ultimate aim of securing a conviction in accordance with the law.

Statement from U.S. Attorney

United States Attorney Jonathan Ross expressed deep concern and condemnation for Shenker’s actions. He underscored the breach of trust and betrayal of parents who had placed their children in Shenker’s care. Ross emphasized the gravity of exploiting preschoolers within their own school, where they should feel safe and protected. He commended the FBI for their diligent work in identifying and arresting Shenker, expressing hope that this conviction would serve as a deterrent to others who may seek to harm children.


The case of Augustus Shenker, the teacher’s assistant who pled guilty to the production of child pornography, reminds us of the critical importance of protecting children from exploitation. This shocking case highlights the need for robust law enforcement efforts, legal accountability, and ongoing support for victims and their families.

As a community, it is our responsibility to be vigilant and proactive in safeguarding children from individuals who seek to exploit their vulnerability. Through collaborative efforts between law enforcement agencies, educational institutions, and the wider community, we can ensure that our children grow up in a safe and secure environment.

The conviction of Shenker and the ongoing commitment to combat child exploitation serve as a resolute message that such crimes will not be tolerated. By investing in the protection and welfare of our children, we can work together to create a society that is safe and nurturing for all.