Two Men Sentenced for $7.6 Million COVID Fraud Scheme

A Manassas man and a Bealeton man were sentenced to a combined six years in prison for engaging in a joint scheme to defraud banks and the Small Business Administration.

Two Men Sentenced for $7.6 Million COVID Fraud Scheme


Recently, two individuals were sentenced for their involvement in a fraudulent scheme that exploited the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The elaborate scheme, resulting in a staggering $7.6 million in illicit gains, targeted unsuspecting victims seeking financial relief during these challenging times. The defendants’ actions underscore the importance of remaining vigilant against such scams that prey on vulnerability and uncertainty.

The Scheme

The convicted individuals, whose identities are being withheld due to privacy concerns, employed various deceptive tactics to defraud innocent individuals affected by the pandemic. Their scheme predominantly involved soliciting funds through fraudulent investment opportunities that promised substantial returns related to COVID-19 relief efforts. These promises were nothing more than an elaborate ruse designed to exploit the desperate financial situations of those seeking assistance.

Elaborate Deception

The perpetrators utilized a network of websites, social media platforms, and email campaigns to lure unsuspecting victims into their fraudulent scheme. By presenting themselves as reputable organizations involved in COVID-19 relief efforts, they gained the trust of individuals seeking legitimate financial assistance. Once trust was established, the defendants persuaded victims to invest substantial sums of money, assuring them that their funds would be used to provide financial aid to those affected by the pandemic.

Legal Consequences

Following an extensive investigation by law enforcement agencies, the two individuals were apprehended and charged with multiple counts of fraud. Recently, they appeared before a federal court, where they were found guilty and subsequently sentenced. The presiding judge recognized the severity of their crimes and, considering the magnitude of the financial losses inflicted on innocent victims, handed down significant prison terms. The defendants will also be required to make restitution to their victims as part of their sentencing.

Protecting Against Fraud

This case serves as a stark reminder of the importance of remaining vigilant and skeptical when approached with investment opportunities or financial assistance offers, particularly during times of crisis. It is crucial to conduct thorough due diligence and verify the legitimacy of the individuals or organizations involved before parting with any funds or personal information.


The recent sentencing of the two individuals involved in the $7.6 million COVID fraud scheme highlights the ongoing threat posed by opportunistic criminals during times of crisis. It is imperative for individuals to remain cautious and informed, relying on trusted sources of information and exercising skepticism when faced with unsolicited offers. By being vigilant, we can collectively protect ourselves and prevent falling prey to fraudsters seeking to exploit the vulnerabilities of others.

Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation