Burleson Man Charged with Possessing Destructive Device

Noah Robert Calderon was indicted on May 10 on one count of possession of a destructive device.

A Burleson man was apprehended by law enforcement officers on charges of possessing a destructive device, following a thorough investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The arrest took place on [date] and marks a significant development in the ongoing efforts to ensure public safety and protect communities from potential threats.

The Investigation and Discovery of the Destructive Device

The investigation, initiated by the FBI’s Dallas Field Office, began following a tip received from a concerned citizen regarding suspicious activities at the residence of the accused individual in Burleson, Texas. Acting swiftly and diligently, the FBI agents, in collaboration with local law enforcement, conducted a thorough investigation to assess the credibility of the tip and ascertain potential threats to the community.

During the investigation, law enforcement officials discovered a destructive device on the premises of the suspect’s residence. The nature and composition of the device have not been disclosed, as it is an ongoing investigation, and releasing such information could compromise the integrity of the case.

The immediate identification and securement of the destructive device reflect the effectiveness of the coordinated efforts between federal and local law enforcement agencies, highlighting the commitment to ensuring the safety and security of the public.

Arrest and Charges Filed

Following the discovery of the destructive device, law enforcement officers promptly arrested the Burleson resident, whose identity has not been disclosed due to privacy concerns. The individual was apprehended without incident, ensuring the safety of both the suspect and the arresting officers involved.

The accused individual is now facing charges related to the possession of a destructive device, a serious offense that carries potential severe penalties under federal law. The exact charges and their corresponding legal implications will be determined by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Texas, which will prosecute the case.

The arrest sends a clear message that the possession of destructive devices will not be tolerated, and those found in violation of federal law will face appropriate legal consequences.

Ensuring Public Safety and Collaborative Efforts

This arrest and the subsequent legal proceedings underscore the importance of proactive investigative efforts by law enforcement agencies to prevent potential harm to the community. The FBI’s Dallas Field Office, in coordination with local law enforcement, remains committed to safeguarding public safety and thwarting any potential threats that may arise.

Through collaboration, intelligence sharing, and the dedicated efforts of law enforcement personnel, communities can be assured that every possible measure is being taken to identify, investigate, and apprehend individuals involved in activities that endanger public safety.

The commitment of law enforcement agencies to work together serves as a critical component in preserving the security and well-being of our society, ensuring that all individuals can live their lives without fear of harm or violence.


The recent arrest of a Burleson man on charges of possessing a destructive device is a testament to the commitment and effectiveness of law enforcement agencies in maintaining public safety. The discovery and securement of the device, as well as the subsequent arrest, exemplify the importance of proactive investigative efforts and the collaborative approach taken by the FBI’s Dallas Field Office and local law enforcement authorities. The ongoing legal proceedings will determine the appropriate consequences for the accused individual.